Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Post # 9 - Walk in closet

When I saw the count-down clock no longer shows double digits but single ones I was practically jumping with joy! I am so thrilled pretty soon the numbers will go down like 9... 8.... 7..... 6 and so on.

The walk in closet in the master bedroom pretty much WOWS me and I do like the window in that room. Who knew having a window in a closet can bring so much light in a dark room that is just made for stuffing your personal things away. The window does bring in so much light and makes it look more spacious. What is even more cooler is that one whole side is going to be mine while hubby takes the other side. No more having closets that are small and forcing more clothes in there to make more room. From now on there is PLENTY of clothing space especially for shoes. I can probably even fit a dresser in there but of course I won't. :)

Yep, having a walk in closet is gonna be sweet!


  1. YES!! Walk in closets are SWEET!!!!! I can't wait to have a bigger closet too! Ours is cramped, and it's not like we have a lot of clothes.

    We will miss the window in the closet. It really does help not have to turn on a light every time you're in there. You're going to love it.

    If I remember correctly, you have a long walk in closet, right? I remember when we looked at it jokes were made about if a certain someone was "in the dog house" they could sleep in there. LOL

  2. The closet in the Venice is really nice, I loved the window in there when we looked at that model. I guess you'll just have to go buy more clothes so you can fill it up. :) (And I am sure your husband is loving that idea..haha)

  3. A window in the closet will be wonderful! Natural light is always the best for matching colors. And a dresser in the closet is actually really really handy: wish we had room to do that.

  4. Every time I walk in my closet I fall in love. It is awesome!