Saturday, June 4, 2011

Post # 19 - Own Yard

Having a yard for us will be a first and and I definitely have plans for it. Living in an apartment we have a small balcony but no grass. Having grass will be for sure nice but it means we now will have to buy a lawnmower for the first time. I wonder how often we will have to mow it and if we do mow it will we mess up and our grass would be looking a bit weird compared to the other neighbors. We are definitely not experienced in mowing our lawn. In our backyard we have a deck so having that will be nice. We plan to have a BBQ in the back yard and maybe down the road we can add a shed. I know for sure I definitely do want to get a swing playset for my daughter so she can play on the swing or go down the slide. We also plan to put up a fence. There are so many possibilities in having a yard and what is even nicer is that you know it is yours and not something you are renting from. I just love the thought of having my own yard and someday I would love to add a hot tub. I have no experience in landscaping either but the thought of planting my own flowers would be something fun to do and to keep me busy.

I love just the thought of having our own yard and our own space. We can decide in our own way what we want to do with it or add to it. It will be good for family gatherings and birthday parties. :) 


  1. Not much to mowing. Just crank and go. Make sure the height isn't set too low in the heat of the summer or your grass will scorch and die.

    You'll need a weed-eater too, for the edges and trim.

    Since you have a deck, you could always get one of those ground covers to put under it and anchor it, so you wont' have to move and weed eat under it. You can also put some lattice up around the bottom of it as well, to help keep some of the pests form getting under there.

    Just some thoughts!

    Great pic!! Having a yard is wonderful!! Work...but wonderful!!

  2. *edited to say great PICK!! not pic. lol