Friday, June 3, 2011

# 20 - Mailbox

I cannot believe we are getting our house in like 20 days. Somehow I keep thinking my house will not be ready for like another 2 months but I know it is really only 20 days away its pretty crazy. The one thing I am excited about my new house is having my very own mailbox. The past 10 years we have to share an apartment complex mailbox and there are at times when I get my mail that there are so many other people's mail that are sitting on top of the mailboxes shelves that are either junk mail or that person does not live there anymore and that mail is just piling up. Sometimes the mail man would take it or just leave it there for like almost a week before the mail actually is not sitting on the pile anymore. The mail is not anywhere close to our apartment but often have to walk on the other side of the complex to get it. It will be pretty sweet knowing that the mailbox is just a few steps away from our front door. I know getting excited over a mailbox is silly and is a small thing but to me it is a big thing! We get to have our very own mailbox and no  more sharing our mail with somebody elses.

Our dishwasher came in the other day and it was installed. I got excited and went over to take a look and behold it was the wrong dishwasher. It was the black one and we ordered stainless steel. We let our PM know and apparently he got the two Venice model mixed up. We have another Venice model way down the street from us on the other side and he just switched it out. Now we have the right dishwasher. He also had our fireplace color wrong and also had to have them swamped out. Now, I am like what other things have he got the two venice models wrong? First the dishwasher then the fireplace and now I am hoping it will not be the counter-tops. We are supposed to get our counter-tops installed today. I plan to stop by the house tonight to take a look to see if it is the right one.

Again, I am excited that we will have our very own mailbox! Whoo-hoo. :)


  1. Isn't it something how the little things that people take for granted mean so much! Getting your mail will even put a smile on your face!

  2. WOW. I'm surprised he got so much mixed up. Especially since you aren't even on the same street! I'd be checking counter tops too! I don't blame you.

    Congrats on the mailbox! I bet that will be a great change for you! =)

  3. oh maybe I will take 3 months off from work and camp out to keep an eye on things...when we had our pre-construction meeting I was surprised (in a good way) at how much our PM was up to speed on our house. He and our sales rep have definitely had some conversations because he was even aware of some of our concerns and questions before we even brought them up. I definitely got the feeling he was building the house for us and not just building another Avalon.