Friday, June 24, 2011

Post # 1 - Everything is Brand New

I am getting my keys today at 5pm WHOO HOO! Hopefully everything will go smoothly. We stopped by the house and our PM was on top of things and got everything all touched up in one day. I was pretty impressed and what made things even sweeter is that our sod is in. It looks great and I do agree with Min that the sod was what was the finishing bow on top of the present. It looks beautiful and I could not ask for anything more. Believe it or not we have not packed! Crazy I know but hey no worries. I will start packing today. By the end of the night we will try to move a few boxes just a few. Tomorrow my ref. is supposed to be delivered in the morning by Best Buy. Later that afternoon we are supposed to do to my hubby's work party. It is held once a year and it happens to be tomorrow all day from noon to 6pm. Sunday is the day we will move all the heavy stuff such as furniture. I cannot wait till we are moved in. At least we can slowly move our stuff in since our apartment is paid till the end of the month. Here are some pictures ok maybe a little too much snapshots. I got excited! The photos are out of order so for that I apologize but you get the idea. I love that everything is brand new! No used stuff! Everything from the carpet, to vinyl floor, to trimming, freshly painted walls, fireplace with marble, new windows, deck, gourmet island, granite counter-tops, appliances, well enough said. I mean EVERYTHING is brand new and that is the most exciting part. Its a new chapter of our lives and we are starting into it. Its just a indescribable feeling.

House with sod

Peek a boo - I see you!

View into the family room (eyeball light fireplace)

Looking into the kitchen

Sitting on the breakfast bar having fun (Morning Room)

I love our counter-tops and the granite and ohh yah our baby :)

1st floor Powder Room

Our stairs (Love the lights)

Abby running in her new Room

Bedroom number 2

Playing in one of the bedroom closets

2nd floor bathroom

View into the Master bedroom from the closet

Master bathroom - 2 sinks

My tub not hubbys (I don't share)

4th bedroom

Basement stairs

Basement Bathroom (Great place to hang out)

Our Basement area

Basement Nook - Could be transformed into a bedroom

Lots of Basement storage (I plan to buy some shelves)

I tried to take a picture of my little girl in each room but it was kind of tough. Can you tell that we are a tad over excited? Ok, not a tad how about a lot! I cannot wait till 5pm to get our keys. I wish it was earlier in the day but what can you do. I just love love love our brand new house. Now, all that is left is us and our pile of stuff. Look out house here we come!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post # 2 - Decorating

Today was our Pre-settlement demonstration. The house is looking great! The garage door opener works and I sure had fun pushing the buttons even my daughter. She would laugh when the garage door would open and close. Everything is looking sooooo Beautiful! Its an awesome feeling knowing that we will call this place our own. Only a few things needed touch up such as adding an extra coat of paint nearby our bathtub master bathroom. The doorbell does not work which surprised our PM since he said it was working a few days ago. So, he will get right on top of that. Our coach light outside by our front door light bulb is out so he will switch it out. He also mentions that they plan to put our sod in today or tomorrow but for sure we will have sod before we get our keys on Friday. I am thrilled about that. Its nice knowing that we will have grass when we move in.

Our second countdown would be "Decorations" I love that we can paint our house whatever color we want to our desire and if we wanted we can even put wallpaper up. In our apartment all the walls are white and we pretty much left it that way. Now with our new house we can do whatever we want. Paint our walls, re-do our floors like maybe in a few years we can put hardwood floors in. We can change out our carpet floors. I like our carpet now but its nice to know that we can change our floors to what we want. If we wanted to we can put granite countertops in the upstairs bathroom but the point is it is our house and we can decorate it to our liking. That is the fun part.

We will get our keys on Friday at 5pm. It is the day after tomorrow! I cannot believe the day that we been waiting for will finally arrive.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Post # 3 - Morning Room

Ta-da my favorite room in the house is the morning room and of course it has to be one of my top countdowns. I just love the fact that we will be having extra space for a dining room area. Having a large kitchen is a plus but having a morning room all full of windows is gonna be pretty neat. I love having extra windows on the side it will bring so much light into the room. The one other thing that I love is that our eating area will be on the vinyl floor. My dining room table is always on the carpet and its a pain especially with the little one eating rice and having to pick up every rice grain on the carpet and having to bring out the vacuum to clean up the mess. Now the dining room area will be on the vinyl floor and makes it easier to clean than with a carpet and if any liquids or spaghetti sauce gets on the carpet its even more of a pain. The vinyl floor will have no stains and makes it much easier for me to clean up messes.

I know I am just gonna love the morning room and I would not be surprised to find myself drawn to the windows and just look out the horizon to watch the sun rise or set. I am just so thrilled that we are able to get the morning room.

For the first time last night I saw some fireflies. I have never seen them before. I have seen them in movies but just the thought of watching the fireflies through my backyard in the morning room is gonna be a treat so see the fireflies light up at night.  I had no idea how beautiful they are to watch. I am definitely looking forward for some more summer nights and just kick back with my wine glass.

Yay for morning rooms!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Post # 4 - Extra countertops and cabinet space

Wow, getting closer and closer to the final countdown! I drove by our house today and look what I saw.....

Our shrubs and bushes are in

Our little tree on the side of our house
All that is left is our sod which hopefully will be added soon. Who knows but I do like our little greenery surrounding the front of the house. It really looks nice! Our pre-settlement walk through is on this Wednesday at 9am. Any advice on this area would be great. Then this Friday at 5pm yep thats right at 5pm at the end of the day we get our keys. We have to drive 45 minutes to the main office to get our keys then we can start moving in. Pretty exciting!

Our 4th countdown which I am pretty stoked about is extra countertops. I am sooo in love with our gourmet island and I have so much room to cook than using one tiny bit of space. I will have plenty of space and I have no idea how I will fill our cabinets with our kitchen space. Plus we do have extra cabinets on our gourmet island! It is unbelieveable. In our kitchen right now our cabinets are tiny. I have to stack the cups up tower by tower but in our new house I probably will not have to stack them up in rows. The gourmet island so far is one of my favorite places in the house.  I still cannot believe at the end of the week I will get my new shiny house.

Hopefully our sod will come before we move in. Crossing fingers and toes. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Post # 5 - bathrooms on every floor

This post is pretty much self-explanatory but I love the fact that our new house there will be a bathroom on every floor. I know I have talked about how much I love our spacious master bathroom but having a 2nd bathroom on the second floor is nice. The 2nd bathroom will pretty much be our daughters domain as I can picture her growing up in our house and dolling herself up before the bathroom mirrors. Having a powder room on the first floor is a convenience so we do not have to trek up to the 2nd floor to use the facilities. What is even better is that we will have a full bathroom down in the basement. Yep, having a bathroom on each floor in the house is gonna be GREAT! We will have a total of 4 bathrooms and that is the most I will ever have in my life. The most bathrooms I have ever lived in throughout my life is two not 4! I am doubling the number of bathrooms so that is pretty neat.

Having a bathroom on each floor is kind of exciting to think about but as much as I am loving the idea of cleaning it up! It will not be fun! :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Post # 6 - Extra bedrooms

We can never have people come over to stay the night since there are no room. If they do they tend to crash on the couch in the family room. Now that we will have more space we have plenty of room for friends and family to stay the night and have a little vacation in our home. We will have 4 bedrooms unless you are counting the finished basement then I could transform the little nook in the basement into a 5th bedroom. There are many possibilities and my family do not have to stay at a hotel nearby. I always felt bad when my in laws come to town and they stay at a hotel than with us sleeping on a futon in a small cramped up space. I do not blame them I would be too! The downside of it is all of my family and his immediate family live out of state but when they do visit it would be for quite a while like one to two weeks so thats a good part. We will be having our first guest on the first weekend after we move in to our new house. Over the fourth of July. I love fireworks. Surprisely, its my favorite holiday of the year. I just love love love fireworks!

I am so glad that we will have the extra space in our home from a two bedroom to a four + something we will definitely have plenty of room.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Post # 7 - Home-Owners

We pretty much lived in apartments for ten years ever since we got married. Buying a house is a first for us and we will officially be  homeowners!!!! No more paying for rent and the money that you are forking out will pretty much go to waste but allowing us to have a roof over our heads. Purchasing a home allows us to have some sort of investment and if we ever plan to sell the house we get our money back for when we relocate. Believe me we plan to live in this house for a very very long time. Its an awesome feeling to know that we accomplished into buying a home for a growing family let alone purchasing a home for the first time that we are building. It is a brand new home and no one has previously lived there. We are the first to step into that house, eat, sleep, and play in there. We will be making history in our home the first Flerchingers to reside there. Its a nice feeling to know we do not ever have to pay for rent ever again but this time we OWN it!!!!!! I definitely cannot wait to be a home-owner and once we move in its something to celebrate about. No more having to call in our land lord if something breaks and waiting for days to get it fixed instead we are our own land lord. We can fix it up to our liking to make our home look even more fancier. I love it that we will no longer pay for rent but own a home our first home together a home that is just made for us and our ever growing family.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Post # 8 - Recessed Lights

I am pretty pumped to have recessed lights in our home. We will have 7 recessed lights in the kitchen and will have two over the fireplace in the family room. Those lights adds beauty to the home. It was my husbands idea to get recessed lights and I owe it all to him for those lights. They really do look GREAT. Growing up we had florescent lights at my parents house and everyone in our neighborhood had them. I never really gave much thought to them. The recessed lights at the model home it really outshines it and makes the home more sophisticated. I am pretty excited about it.

The eyeball recessed lights over the fireplace it adds more class and I do want to thank you bloggers for the idea. The model home in our area there is no eyeball lights over the fireplace. I remember looking at the options and here I am thinking why in the world would someone want lights over the fireplace. I never heard or actually seen this done in any home. I was kind of dumbfounded at this point until I saw pictures on the blog and here I am thinking wow it does look nice. Then we went to visit our aunts and uncles and suddenly I saw they had eyeball recessed lights over their fireplace and from there I was hooked and begged my hubby if there was a way we can add those to our home.

Recessed Lights
Yep, here it is plain and simple I am glad that we are having recessed lights in our home. Its hard to believe that in exactly one week and a day we will get our new keys to our house.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Post # 9 - Walk in closet

When I saw the count-down clock no longer shows double digits but single ones I was practically jumping with joy! I am so thrilled pretty soon the numbers will go down like 9... 8.... 7..... 6 and so on.

The walk in closet in the master bedroom pretty much WOWS me and I do like the window in that room. Who knew having a window in a closet can bring so much light in a dark room that is just made for stuffing your personal things away. The window does bring in so much light and makes it look more spacious. What is even more cooler is that one whole side is going to be mine while hubby takes the other side. No more having closets that are small and forcing more clothes in there to make more room. From now on there is PLENTY of clothing space especially for shoes. I can probably even fit a dresser in there but of course I won't. :)

Yep, having a walk in closet is gonna be sweet!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Post # 10 - Ceiling Fans

One more week and a half hopefully it will go by so fast! Looks like Hubby did a good job with the post last night haha even though I wished he would go more into details but I guess that is the wifes job! :)

I know you all are probably thinking that is a weird count-down but hey I am pretty excited that we will get to choose our own ceiling fans. We lived in 3 different apartments, one apartment had no ceiling fans while the other two only had one ceiling fan which was in the family room. We never had any ceiling fans in the bedrooms so I am pretty excited that we were able to get 5 rough ins! Yes, it is a bit of a pain that we would have to pick them out and install it but in my mind its worth it because we get the choice of what fans would look best in a particular room. We plan to get 4 ceiling fans upstairs for each of the bedrooms and one downstairs in the morning room. I plan to purchase a girlie ceiling fan for my daughter. I found one at Lowes which I thought would go great in her room. It is a color combination of pink, purple and blue. Summer time is going to be the perfect opportunity for me to decorate the house especially my daughters room.

Ceiling fans will add a nice touch to the house and especially in the summer time when it gets to be hot. We emailed our PM today asking for the possibility if there was a way Ryan homes can install our ceiling fans before closing so that there will be one less thing we would have to do when we move in. Hopefully we will hear back soon with good news. Fingers crossed.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Post # 11 - Kitchen

Hi there fellow Ryan Homes builders. This is the oft-maligned hubby of Stephanie, Jon. I'm making the post today for Stephanie, because she asked. I am most excited about the kitchen that we will have in our new house. From the granite countertops, to the glass-top stove, to the gourmet island, I am very pleased with our new kitchen. Family life centers around food, and for the past 10 years we have never had a kitchen that accommodated more than one person at a time. Our current kitchen is a prime example, room for only one person, and approx 1 sq ft of counterspace.
Our First Mailbox!

We arranged a walkthrough with our sales rep's substitute this afternoon, (she's on her honeymoon) and the house is pretty much done. Some touchup work needs to be done on the wall in the stairwell where they added our outlet, and the yard needs sod and shrubbery, but that's it! I think I will ask our PM to change the doorknob leading to the garage, as it's the only one that's not a handle-type. My PM says it's according to plan, but why have one doorknob in the house that's different from all the others?

Stephanie will be back tomorrow. Please leave lots of comments on her posts, each one makes her day.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Post # 12 - Master Bathroom

It is getting harder and harder to come up with the list of the countdown. I cannot believe there are only 12 days left. I am looking forward to having a spacious master bathroom. It will be the first time in my life that we will have a separate shower and bath in our bathroom. We always had a shower and tub together but now it is separate in its own space. The one other thing I am also grateful for is that we will have two separate sinks. The main reason is that my husband shaves and often at times forgets to clean up after himself. It irritates me to no end on how messy the sink can get with his little hairs lying around. But now with two sinks one will be his and he can mess it up all he wants and on my side of the sink it will be crystal clean! Having my own sink is not a necessity but its a nice thing knowing that it is all mine.

I am looking forward to my soaking tub and believe me there will be many many nights where I will be soaking in the candlelight full of bubbles. The other nice thing is that there will be a window in our bathroom. Our bathroom often gets steamy from the hot water and our fans just do not work well but having a window in the bathroom will be a nice change where I can just open the window a crack to let the steam out.

I am looking forward to having more space and room in our new bathroom and not in a small cramped space.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Post # 13 - Fireplace

I am pretty ecstatic about having a fireplace. I hate being cold and in the wintertime it gets pretty darn cold! I pretty much have to wear a sweatshirt and walk around the apartment with my blanket to keep me warm. Now with the fireplace I can just cozy up next to the fireplace and just get warm. Over the winter our power went out two times but if that happens in our new house which I am pretty sure it will all I have to do is flick on the fireplace and it will turn on. Other than having the fireplace it adds beauty to the home. I like the look of the marble surrounding the fireplace it just makes it look all more nicer. I just love the idea of having a fireplace in the home. Bring on the winter since I will be ready sitting next to the fire. :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Post # 14 - Square footage of house

I definitely had to include this in my count-down. I am beyond excited about how much square foot our new place will be. Our model is 2224 sq ft. and if you add the morning room it goes up to 2384 including the basement it changes to 3019 sq. feet That is huge!!!!!! I remember when I first got married we lived in a 500 sq. ft. one bedroom apartment. After living there for like 4 years we moved to a slightly bigger one from 500 to 650 square ft. After putting myself and my husband through school we finally moved into a two bedroom apt to 800 sq. ft. I remember I was sooo excited to finally get a 2 bedroom after so many years. Then to Ohio again we moved into another apt 2 bedroom place to a 900 sq. ft. Our new place will be the biggest one yet and we plan to live in our new home for years and years. It took a lot of hard work to get to where we are today and to be able to purchase a home of our own especially the one of our dreams. Our new place we will have so much room and space. We will have plenty of room to throw our daughter a birthday party instead of having to celebrate it elsewhere to accommodate a large group of people. We can also have Thanksgiving at our house and not have to worry about not having enough chairs or wondering if we all have to sit on the floor somewhere to eat. Believe me that has happened in our tiny apartment and one of us either me or my husband had to sit on the floor eating our dinner. Ahhh the good old days and now the extra space we do not have to worry about that.

I am just over the top filled with happiness knowing that we will have plenty of space to have our loved ones over and not have to constantly apologize for having our place be too small. I am really blessed to be able to have a beautiful home to our liking.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Post # 15 - Laundry Location

The next thing on the list would be having a laundry room on the second floor! All the bedrooms are up there and all of our clothes will be on that floor which makes doing the laundry a much easier chore than trekking down to the first floor realizing I forgot a load of dirty clothes in the hamper in my hallway closet. I never personally enjoyed doing the laundry but somebody has to do them and that somebody is me :) I figured my husband can focus on taking out the trash and keeping the lawn neat while I make sure his work clothes are clean. I even like it more when our laundry room is so big and spacious. Our laundry room in the apartment is tiny and there is not much storage space on the shelves when you reach the laundry soap and or bleach but with the big storage space in our new house there are plenty of more space.

At a side note we stopped by the house last night to check on the progress. Pics below

Where they added the outlet on stair landing as it turns

Where they cut the hole on back wall of the Living Room 
In the living room wall they cut a big hole in the wall a rectangular shape where I can see the wires behind it. On that side of the Living room wall behind it is the stairs leading up to the second floor. They now installed a outlet on the landing area where it is supposed to be. I wanted an outlet there in the staircase landing area for decorations around the holiday maybe put up a little Christmas tree there plus its a good spot for vacuuming the stairs. The stairs go up then they turn so there is a little spot where it is perfect to vacuum. I got that idea from my sister in law since she had no outlet on the stair landing area and she uses an extension cord to vacuum the stairs. I expected them to take out the basement landing stairs going down but the outlet is still there. I assumed that they will leave it there but thats good since the basement stairs have a little landing area too as it turns. A free outlet I will take it. Now I just hope the big rectangular shape that they cut in my living room will not be noticeable. I hope they can smooth out the cracks. The extra outlet on the gourmet island is now also fixed. Before they only had one but now there are two just like the way I wanted it.

Only 2 more weeks..... :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Post # 16 - Location

The doors are now painted

Ta-da the exterior of my house is all done! I am so happy with it. I just love the colors I think it looks GREAT! All that is left are the landscaping which I think will happen on the last week of the move. 

The inside is coming along nicely. The one error we found was that we paid to have an extra outlet on the stair landing going up somehow they put it in the basement landing stairs going down. So our PM said they will fix that. I am wondering how since I do not think the wiring is in so they must somehow have to rip the wall out to put it in. So we will see. Other than that it is all going smoothly. 

We also got our appraisal report and there were some errors on the paperwork and told them to fix it before we sign any paperwork there were 3 errors. 1). They marked appliance have ref. (but we did not get the ref. the other appliance yes but no ref.)   2). Say no gas in the house (untrue we have fireplace the fireplace is gas)   3). They marked the car is a 3 garage (Nope we have 2 garage). Hopefully they can fix that soon so the paperwork can be all signed. 

The next thing on our countdown - is the location of where we will be living. We are living in one of the best school districts in the county. The schools here are top notch which is great but the living cost here are more expensive compared to the other cities nearby. At first I wanted to build at another town that is closeby its like 5 to ten minutes away but the schools are not as good. Hubby wanted to live in a place where we can send our daughter to a good school where education is highly valued. Even if the expenses are a bit higher we can breathe easily knowing our daughter will be going to an Excellent top rated school. Other than the school system we are not very far away from the golf course which is a nice scenery by the way and are close by to a bunch of nice restaurants and stores. Anytime I need to do some major shopping it is like less than 5 mins away. 

I know the countdown has nothing to do with my house but it is important to know your surrounding neighborhoods and whether if the school system are GREAT! I am happy that the area where I will be living at will have all of these things.  

Monday, June 6, 2011

Post # 17 - basement

Having a basement is gonna be pretty sweet for us. Where we come from in California there are no basements. I never thought about basements at all unless I am watching a horror movie about something lurking in there with scary music and expecting somebody to jump at you. LOL but with our basement I will make sure it is NOT creepy at all! I am just allowing my imagination to run away from me. :) All the basements I have visited here in Ohio when I was house hunting not thinking of building a brand new home the basements were all nice and usually is a recreation room for people to come and hang out play pool, darts, or even have a disco dance floor. Now with the possibility of building a brand new home I thought why not go all the way and get even more extra space so getting a basement was like a no brainer for us. There was no way where we could fix up the basement ourselves so we went ahead and got a finished basement with a full bathroom down there so when people come to visit they can have the whole floor to themselves if they wished. There is a shower and a bathroom in there so they do not have to trek upstairs to the 2nd floor to shower.

What is even more cooler is that the basement has a unfinished storage area where I can easily store my luggage and my Christmas decorations. It drives my hubby nuts when he goes into the closet to retrieve something and my Christmas decorations are in the way. He would complain about it and beg me to throw it all away. I am like NO WAY the decorations stay since I like to decorate around the holidays. Now with the extra storage space I can even buy more xmas decorations and add it to my collection. With that in mind it would probably drive my hubby nuts but I have PLENTY of space. :)

I am pretty excited about having a finished basement in my house and more space for my little girl to play in especially around the winter months with snow and ice coming during the winter. Only 17 more days. :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Post # 18 - and a new purchase (Stainless Steel)

Yesterday, we went to 5 different stores looking at refrigerators. First we drove out to IKEA to just look at furniture ideas and just browse around looking at various decoration ideas that would look good in each room of the house. They happened to have a few refrigerators there and we both knew eventually we would need to purchase one. After being there for an hour that store is huge! Then we stopped by at Best Buy, then over to Lowes, hhGregs, Sears then after all that work we realized before getting one we should make sure the refrigerator will fit. We ran home grabbed the tape measurement then snuck in the back door of the house. Much to our relief it measured at 37.5" wide so then any ref. we buy would fit in. We went back to Best Buy and they said they would hold our purchase to the end of the month even though we will not get our new house at least for 2 and half weeks. We get our keys on the 24th but told them to deliver it on the next day the 25th. So we bought our first house purchase a Samsung 26 cubit feet French door stainless steel.

The next thing on our countdown would be - Stainless Steel Appliances. With the stainless steel it will look so nice in my new kitchen. Again, we always had apartment appliances and they are not brand new just used. Having a brand new appliances in the kitchen to me is like opening Christmas presents on Christmas morning. Our kitchen appliances have always been white but now we are a step up and having stainless steel which is definitely new to us and adds finesse to the kitchen.

Our first Refrigerator!
While we were there at our new house last night I was able to see our new carpet, and our granite countertops! Let me tell you I love it!!!!!!

Seeing our carpet for first time

Our Granite Counter-tops (Breakfast bar)

They have the right dishwasher in :)

Bad pix of me but I look so guilty sneaking in!

Hubby did not like the way the two doors are in close proximity of each other

The last picture is in one of the bedrooms upstairs. This is the second largest bedroom next to our master bedroom but this room will be in my daughters room. Anyhow my husband did not like the way the two doors are too close together. He requested the PM to move the door to the other side that way it does not hit each other. At first my PM was resisted against it saying it was according to plan. My hubby continued to say he wanted it changed and that he wanted the door on the other side and would pay to have it moved. My PM went ahead and moved it on the other side but the door is now a different color. It is not the same door but says it will be painted to match the other doors. So hopefully that will be fixed soon but are grateful that our PM was willing to get that done. 

Our next house purchase would be a new dining room table. Hopefully we can find a good deal. Who knew house shopping would be fun and my hubby HATES, HATES to shop. Haha.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Post # 19 - Own Yard

Having a yard for us will be a first and and I definitely have plans for it. Living in an apartment we have a small balcony but no grass. Having grass will be for sure nice but it means we now will have to buy a lawnmower for the first time. I wonder how often we will have to mow it and if we do mow it will we mess up and our grass would be looking a bit weird compared to the other neighbors. We are definitely not experienced in mowing our lawn. In our backyard we have a deck so having that will be nice. We plan to have a BBQ in the back yard and maybe down the road we can add a shed. I know for sure I definitely do want to get a swing playset for my daughter so she can play on the swing or go down the slide. We also plan to put up a fence. There are so many possibilities in having a yard and what is even nicer is that you know it is yours and not something you are renting from. I just love the thought of having my own yard and someday I would love to add a hot tub. I have no experience in landscaping either but the thought of planting my own flowers would be something fun to do and to keep me busy.

I love just the thought of having our own yard and our own space. We can decide in our own way what we want to do with it or add to it. It will be good for family gatherings and birthday parties. :) 

Friday, June 3, 2011

# 20 - Mailbox

I cannot believe we are getting our house in like 20 days. Somehow I keep thinking my house will not be ready for like another 2 months but I know it is really only 20 days away its pretty crazy. The one thing I am excited about my new house is having my very own mailbox. The past 10 years we have to share an apartment complex mailbox and there are at times when I get my mail that there are so many other people's mail that are sitting on top of the mailboxes shelves that are either junk mail or that person does not live there anymore and that mail is just piling up. Sometimes the mail man would take it or just leave it there for like almost a week before the mail actually is not sitting on the pile anymore. The mail is not anywhere close to our apartment but often have to walk on the other side of the complex to get it. It will be pretty sweet knowing that the mailbox is just a few steps away from our front door. I know getting excited over a mailbox is silly and is a small thing but to me it is a big thing! We get to have our very own mailbox and no  more sharing our mail with somebody elses.

Our dishwasher came in the other day and it was installed. I got excited and went over to take a look and behold it was the wrong dishwasher. It was the black one and we ordered stainless steel. We let our PM know and apparently he got the two Venice model mixed up. We have another Venice model way down the street from us on the other side and he just switched it out. Now we have the right dishwasher. He also had our fireplace color wrong and also had to have them swamped out. Now, I am like what other things have he got the two venice models wrong? First the dishwasher then the fireplace and now I am hoping it will not be the counter-tops. We are supposed to get our counter-tops installed today. I plan to stop by the house tonight to take a look to see if it is the right one.

Again, I am excited that we will have our very own mailbox! Whoo-hoo. :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I am back!!!!!

Warning - Long post

It is nice to be back at home! I was supposed to get home Tuesday night but missed my connection from Colorado to Ohio due to a mechanical failure with the plane in Sacramento. We were stuck  on the plane for like over an hour just sitting there not moving. The good thing about it was we got vouchers for a hotel room dinner and breakfast. By the time we landed in colorado we had to wait again over an hour for the bus shuttle to take us to the hotel. I felt bad for my 20 month old she was so antsy and it was tough to keep her calm. I am just so glad to be back home. Of course once we landed in Ohio I begged my hubby to swing by the house since I have not seen it in over a week. Luckily, no one was there and we were able to sneak in and take a look around. I love love love my new house and cannot wait till they are all done with it.

Below are some of the house pics taken and of course I had to add a picture of my daughter from our trip. 

Abby being silly, she was climbing in and out of the stroller

Pix is blurry but she was asleep on plane taken with my cellphone

Our Vinyl flooring in our morning room

Our kitchen cabinets. No carpet yet only vinyl floors

Taken through a window but can see our powder room.

Our Marble Uba Tuba fireplace
Our staircase lightning. I love it.

I know this is silly but it was a nice surprise. Hallway lights - thought was getting ugly mushroom lights but it was nice to see that they are not yay!

Our deck in our backyard. They plan to put our landscaping in before we move in which is good!

Since, I am past the 30 day countdown I figured I can start today and do a 23 day count down LOL! We will get our house on the 24th of June only 3 more weeks! =)


I am so glad we are having our own garage. My husband and I lived in apartments ever since we were married and always park outside. We have been married for ten years. Ten years of living at 3 different apartment complexes and each time we often have to fight for parking. There are at times when parking was terrible and we would have to park far. Now with our very own parking space we do not have to worry about looking for parking. What is even more cool is that we will have a garage door opener. I never had one before. Growing up my parents have a standard garage door where you had to open it with your hands. Now with the garage door that opens just by clicking the button it is sooooo COOL! I bet I will find myself playing with it. We will also have the keypad on the side where all you have to do is push the code. Which is a good thing. I am the type of person that will accidentally forget my keys and purse inside the house and with my luck I will be locked out.

Can you tell I am thrilled with having our own garage? Yippie.

Have I said it is good to be home? IT IS!!!!! It is good to be back in my own bed!