Sunday, June 19, 2011

Post # 4 - Extra countertops and cabinet space

Wow, getting closer and closer to the final countdown! I drove by our house today and look what I saw.....

Our shrubs and bushes are in

Our little tree on the side of our house
All that is left is our sod which hopefully will be added soon. Who knows but I do like our little greenery surrounding the front of the house. It really looks nice! Our pre-settlement walk through is on this Wednesday at 9am. Any advice on this area would be great. Then this Friday at 5pm yep thats right at 5pm at the end of the day we get our keys. We have to drive 45 minutes to the main office to get our keys then we can start moving in. Pretty exciting!

Our 4th countdown which I am pretty stoked about is extra countertops. I am sooo in love with our gourmet island and I have so much room to cook than using one tiny bit of space. I will have plenty of space and I have no idea how I will fill our cabinets with our kitchen space. Plus we do have extra cabinets on our gourmet island! It is unbelieveable. In our kitchen right now our cabinets are tiny. I have to stack the cups up tower by tower but in our new house I probably will not have to stack them up in rows. The gourmet island so far is one of my favorite places in the house.  I still cannot believe at the end of the week I will get my new shiny house.

Hopefully our sod will come before we move in. Crossing fingers and toes. 


  1. House looks amazing! Great post on the counter tops. That gourmet is island is something wonderful! I know you can't wait just like we can't to see the house when the sod goes in. I'll tell you this, once it's in it feels like it was the bow that was missing on your gift. Or at least thats how I felt when we saw!

  2. Everything looks great and agree about the counter space and cabinet space.

    What kind of tree is the "little" tree. It doesn't look like it is too far from the house and "little" trees can grow up into big big trees. When we moved into our existing house we had a gorgeous weeping cherry tree that was planted about 36" from the front corner of our house and a purple maple that was abou 6" from the side of our house...needless to say, both are no longer there...the roots from the weeping cherry were growing against the foundation and the branches were pressing into the house and the purple maple was actually growing at an angle away from the house and had to be removed...find out what kind of tree it is and what size it will be at 10 years old....move it now while you can if it is going to be impeding on the house.

  3. First of all, the house looks fantastic!! LOVE IT!! Very nice!! Like BD said, you are going to want to keep an eye on that tree!

    And hurray for counter tops!! =D I think that is one thing ALL OF US can't await for!! Enough counter space for our things, and our islands for cooking! =)

    I won't be here when you close. =( (we leave tomorrow) But I'll be sure to check in once we get home.

    Congrats on your new, wonderful home honey!!

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  5. @ Montanna we do have granite countertop in the kitchen no worries on that. The kitchen will be the best room in the house other than the morning room.