Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Post # 8 - Recessed Lights

I am pretty pumped to have recessed lights in our home. We will have 7 recessed lights in the kitchen and will have two over the fireplace in the family room. Those lights adds beauty to the home. It was my husbands idea to get recessed lights and I owe it all to him for those lights. They really do look GREAT. Growing up we had florescent lights at my parents house and everyone in our neighborhood had them. I never really gave much thought to them. The recessed lights at the model home it really outshines it and makes the home more sophisticated. I am pretty excited about it.

The eyeball recessed lights over the fireplace it adds more class and I do want to thank you bloggers for the idea. The model home in our area there is no eyeball lights over the fireplace. I remember looking at the options and here I am thinking why in the world would someone want lights over the fireplace. I never heard or actually seen this done in any home. I was kind of dumbfounded at this point until I saw pictures on the blog and here I am thinking wow it does look nice. Then we went to visit our aunts and uncles and suddenly I saw they had eyeball recessed lights over their fireplace and from there I was hooked and begged my hubby if there was a way we can add those to our home.

Recessed Lights
Yep, here it is plain and simple I am glad that we are having recessed lights in our home. Its hard to believe that in exactly one week and a day we will get our new keys to our house.


  1. I love having those over the fireplace too!!! =) YAY!! It's great when you stick the kids in front of the fireplace for pictures...extra lighting! lol Plus it really is just a nice feature to have in general. Great pic for the countdown!

  2. Omg one more week!!! It looks great! I bet it doesn't even feel real yet! We didn't do the lights over fireplace because that's where we are hanging the t.v.. I think they look great there though!

  3. Look how beautiful it looks: one week from day after tomorrow?!