Friday, June 17, 2011

Post # 6 - Extra bedrooms

We can never have people come over to stay the night since there are no room. If they do they tend to crash on the couch in the family room. Now that we will have more space we have plenty of room for friends and family to stay the night and have a little vacation in our home. We will have 4 bedrooms unless you are counting the finished basement then I could transform the little nook in the basement into a 5th bedroom. There are many possibilities and my family do not have to stay at a hotel nearby. I always felt bad when my in laws come to town and they stay at a hotel than with us sleeping on a futon in a small cramped up space. I do not blame them I would be too! The downside of it is all of my family and his immediate family live out of state but when they do visit it would be for quite a while like one to two weeks so thats a good part. We will be having our first guest on the first weekend after we move in to our new house. Over the fourth of July. I love fireworks. Surprisely, its my favorite holiday of the year. I just love love love fireworks!

I am so glad that we will have the extra space in our home from a two bedroom to a four + something we will definitely have plenty of room.


  1. AW!! YAY!! It's going to be nice having all that extra space! Most definitely! I can't believe you are going to have company so soon after moving! You go girl! =)

    FIREBOOMS!!! That is what my eldest use to call fireworks when she was little, firebooms. lol We all love them too. There are illegal here, unless you go to show. However, hubby has a stash! =) Wanna hear a quick story?

    Back when my eldest was 5, he set up some stuff out back and we had neighbors over. We lived down in a cul-de-sac at the time and we all had lawn chairs and snacks and drinks. We all sat out front while DH and his friend set off an amazing firework display out back. =) That is until our drug dealer neighbor called the cops. =/

    We had a plan! We all had the same story... we were just gathering for the holiday and watching the other fireworks going off in the area (as we said this, others were going off. =) ) My DH and his friend came through the house and sat on the porch. All was going well until the officer questioned my 5 yr old!!

    "Hey honey! What are you doing?" said the officer.
    To which my daughter replied, "We're watching my Daddy put off firebooms in the back yard".

    0.0 The officer took off RUNNING to the fence and looked out back. BUSTED!! He started yelling about how we had a professional firework display and he could haul us in. He was rookie...1st year. Out to prove something. The vets don't care. Hubby almost got arrested that night.

    And I couldn't even get upset with my little girl. She had told the truth, just as I had always taught her to do. She didn't know.

    So that's my story! lol

  2. Isn't it great to know that the family can all stay with you! It's great to have the family come in to celebrate your new home.

    Personally our home is going to feel like a hotel because we have friends coming in the week we move to "help" us move. When they leave on Sunday my in laws will be arriving for 2 weeks, and then my gmom, mom and sister is coming for 2 weeks on the 1st. I am looking forward to them coming but I'm almost afraid my brand new home will lose it's new home smell due to all the company. LOL!

  3. Even though two of them are still empty, we love our extra bedrooms, too!

  4. Everyone keeps asking us why we are building such a large house since we are now empty nesters...well the reason is so that our daughters and the rest of our family can come visit and have plenty of room and will be able to sleep in beds instead of half in beds and the rest in sleeping bags and on couches. Yeah for extra bedrooms and plenty of space!!!

    @Noey - You just brought back a memory I thought I had erased. We had a similar experience at a July 4th barbeque at our house shortly after we moved in our last house. One of our friends brought over fireworks and was setting them off and they were going every where...all of a sudden a cop shows up out front banging on the door...we told him we were finished and just at that time the guy lit off a huge Christmas Tree firework...lit up the entire backyard...I thought I was going to jail for sure....the cop ripped into use and everyone else in the backyard and we promised that was the last of them....whewww...that caused many more beers to be consumed.