Thursday, June 2, 2011

I am back!!!!!

Warning - Long post

It is nice to be back at home! I was supposed to get home Tuesday night but missed my connection from Colorado to Ohio due to a mechanical failure with the plane in Sacramento. We were stuck  on the plane for like over an hour just sitting there not moving. The good thing about it was we got vouchers for a hotel room dinner and breakfast. By the time we landed in colorado we had to wait again over an hour for the bus shuttle to take us to the hotel. I felt bad for my 20 month old she was so antsy and it was tough to keep her calm. I am just so glad to be back home. Of course once we landed in Ohio I begged my hubby to swing by the house since I have not seen it in over a week. Luckily, no one was there and we were able to sneak in and take a look around. I love love love my new house and cannot wait till they are all done with it.

Below are some of the house pics taken and of course I had to add a picture of my daughter from our trip. 

Abby being silly, she was climbing in and out of the stroller

Pix is blurry but she was asleep on plane taken with my cellphone

Our Vinyl flooring in our morning room

Our kitchen cabinets. No carpet yet only vinyl floors

Taken through a window but can see our powder room.

Our Marble Uba Tuba fireplace
Our staircase lightning. I love it.

I know this is silly but it was a nice surprise. Hallway lights - thought was getting ugly mushroom lights but it was nice to see that they are not yay!

Our deck in our backyard. They plan to put our landscaping in before we move in which is good!

Since, I am past the 30 day countdown I figured I can start today and do a 23 day count down LOL! We will get our house on the 24th of June only 3 more weeks! =)


I am so glad we are having our own garage. My husband and I lived in apartments ever since we were married and always park outside. We have been married for ten years. Ten years of living at 3 different apartment complexes and each time we often have to fight for parking. There are at times when parking was terrible and we would have to park far. Now with our very own parking space we do not have to worry about looking for parking. What is even more cool is that we will have a garage door opener. I never had one before. Growing up my parents have a standard garage door where you had to open it with your hands. Now with the garage door that opens just by clicking the button it is sooooo COOL! I bet I will find myself playing with it. We will also have the keypad on the side where all you have to do is push the code. Which is a good thing. I am the type of person that will accidentally forget my keys and purse inside the house and with my luck I will be locked out.

Can you tell I am thrilled with having our own garage? Yippie.

Have I said it is good to be home? IT IS!!!!! It is good to be back in my own bed!


  1. Welcome back!

    House is looking GREAT! You are only 2 days behind cool!

    We also picked the same fixtures...brushed nickel. So jealous of the deck, we couldn't get one on a flat lot...only if it was on a hill.

    I SOOOOOOOO agree with you about the garage and parking!!!! Can you imagine living in a city with only parallel parking? Sometime we would have to park a block away back home.

    That is one of the first things I am having installed.

  2. Welcome home!! =D Sorry the last leg of your trip was so crazy!!

    Your house looks great!! I love pics!!!

    Another plus about the garage is that when the weather is bad, you're covered!! No more lugging groceries in (or little ones) in the rain or snow!

    The keypad is great!!! We have one. Unfortunately for me, our battery died and before we could replace I got locked out. quick story:

    The bus drops off my eldest two at the corner. I step outside in the afternoons onto the covered porch to make sure they cross the street safely coming home. I'm out there less than a minute usually.
    On this particular day, our toddler decided to bolt lock the front door after I stepped out it. Thus locking me out and her in. I didn't even know she could reach it! (I can't take her out b/c she runs for the street and it's a busy street. Plus, I'm out there for only a minute). We keep the garage the shut. And since the keypad was dead, I couldn't open it to get in. I sat there and watched her "party" through the window for 10 minutes while I waited for my husband to come home and let us in. And by party, I mean she stripped naked and ran around the house. She refused to let me back in. She was 22 months at the time. If my husband would have replaced our back up battery I would have been able to use that keypad to get back in no problem!

  3. @ Min I think it is awesome that we are right alongside each other and about the parallel parking part I HATE to parallel park. I literally suck at it!

    @ Noey, I laughed soooo hard at your story. I was laughing aloud at the comment about your daughter running around strip naked. LOL that is hilarious. I am sure our daughters will get along GREAT!!!!! :) Very true about parking in the garage out of ice and snow. Chipping away the ice during the winter time was truly a first for me since it does not snow where I lived in Cali. I cannot wait till our house is done.

  4. Stephanie, I just realized you don't have your count down clock up. You have to make one you only have 21 days and some hours left. You HAVE to let the blogging world know!

  5. Glad you made it home safely! Hopefully being preoccupied with family made the time go by quickly so you're that much closer to closing!!! Great pictures! I love the light in the stairway. We got the same fireplace. :)

  6. Thanks min I didn't know how to make one had to ask for help so hubby set it up for me. Thanks for the reminder haha.

    @ Becky the light in the stairway is so far my favorite part of the house haha. Just love it so much. :)