Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pics through email

Hello everyone! This is the first time I got my hands on the computer. It has been hard trying to follow and keep up with the blogs through my cell. I am still visiting my family in California I came to celebrate my sisters birthday. My sister and I went to an all day spa and got massages. It was heavenly! Once in a while I would receive house pictures from my husband either through text or email. I have not seen my house in almost a week and miss doing my drive bys. So far there has been some work done to my house and I cannot wait to see it in person. Our driveway and sidewalk has been poured, our shutters are in on our brick side. We also have our garage lights installed and our deck installed.

We also have our vinyl flooring inside our home but no carpet. Our cabinets have also been installed but no countertops. Our uba tuba fireplace has been put in place. I am still waiting from my husband to send me the interior pictures but for now the outside pictures will do. Remember, I am only seeing those through the pictures. I will be home Tuesday night at midnight. Hopefully, the plane ride will not be too bad. Please do send me positive thoughts and a little prayer my way. Traveling is not easy with a 20 month old on your lap. Enjoy the pics and hello everyone!

Graded the driveway with stakes and footers along the yard

At a glance

Our Driveway and sidewalk installed (window brick side now has a shutter)

Our garage lights are installed :)

Hubby wrote his initials and the year (I could not believe my eyes that he did that!)

Hubby took the pic but if keep zooming in you can see the deck behind the house. (White house)

Pic of my sister and me at our spa day. We are covered in our bathrobes getting ready for our massage
I am looking forward when I can go back home and check up the process of my house. Only a few more days then I can see the new updates with my eyes instead of living through my husbands pictures. Hopefully he will send me the interior house pictures soon. I miss blogging and it is hard to do when you do not have access to a computer. I cannot believe I will be getting my new house in less than a month. I have been wanting to do my 30 countdown but hard to do when you are out of state lol. I plan to do my countdown on the first of June and will do a 24 day countdown instead. :) Until then.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

We now have Brick! Doing a little dance.....

We drove by our house and look what we saw ------- thats right baby we got BRICK! So, so, so excited!

So Pretty!!!!!

Its still a work in progress

My house from behind

They were able to put the brick up in one day yesterday there was none. I was very impressed. The white trim around the roof still needs to be worked on and black shutters will still be added on the brick side of the windows. I am loving it so far and still cannot believe it will all be mine in one month! Yahoo, can you tell I am excited? Giggle..... :) I feel like a school girl. 

As I was taking a picture behind the house I met my first neighbor. A guy behind my house rear neighbor stopped by to say hello. He was mowing the lawn and welcomed me to the area. He mentioned that they have been living in their house for three years and I didn't realize that the houses have been here that long. I assumed the houses were built a year ago. He assured me that it was a quiet neighborhood and a very good place to live. Yay for that. I like quiet neighborhoods. My first neighbor yay! 

I will be visiting my family in California on Monday for a week and will be bringing my 20 mth old with me on the plane. My hubby is staying behind but I am hoping that he will continue to take pictures of the house and send me updates of what has been going on. I will definitely miss driving by the house. 

I am sooo excited we now have brick!!!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Siding are up!

I drove by my house this morning and this is what I saw! I was practically jumping with joy to see that my house siding is all up and done alongside with the shutters. The side of the house will be filled with brick and have no idea when that will be. We are the only house in the neighborhood with white siding and I like it. Everyone else has neutral colors and I like the idea of being different from the others. 

While I was at it I decided to take a few snapshots of the other houses in my neighborhood for fun. 

My house - White siding with black shutters

On the side of the house

The back of the house (the white one)

This is our next door neighbor the Springbrook ranch home

This is our neighbor across the street from us its the Rome

Our other neighbor next to the Rome on the right side across the street it is the Nables

On the other side of the Rome left side across the street from us there will be a Chantilly. Down the street from us on the corner lot they are building the Bainbridge Hall. No pictures yet since they are in the process of digging the holes. It is pretty neat to see all the variety of  models on our street and the houses will not be identical right next to each other.

I cannot wait till we have the brick up! Who knew that I can be sooo excited over the little things. Till the next adventure.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dry wall is up! Whoo Hoo...

Our Dry wall is up the pictures below were taken just the other day and I am soo excited to see that there are no more wood.  It is all covered. It is still a work in progress but I just had to snap a couple. This time it is not 80 something pictures haha didn't go too crazy this time.

At first the PM did not order enough shingles for our roof and it took them about a week and half for the rest of the shingles to arrive. Now it is all completed so it looks a lot better than seeing it half done. As I was checking out the drywall I was in the basement and was surprised to learn that there are no egress window. For some reason in my head I assumed that all basements have them. I have no idea why I thought that but was a bit disappointed to learn that we will not have one. Now, I am kicking myself in the head why did I think that? I should have done better research but I guess it did not even cross my mind. This is the first time in my life that we will have a basement. So be sure when you are getting a basement the egress window is a separate thing that you have to purchase.

The front of our house (Shingles are all done)

I am so happy our Front door has little windows on!

Our kitchen

Morning room side windows

Fireplace in the Family room

I have no idea what to put on that little corner for decoration. 

Our small window upstairs. I have mixed feelings on this window

Took a peek in the garage - Our Shutters :)

Our siding!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Old Pre-Dry wall pictures

We just got back from our Hubby's Grandfathers wake and let me tell you travelling with a 20 month old on our lap on the airplane is no easy feat. She is a big girl but it saves us some moola since she is under two years of age than purchasing her a seat on the plane. 6 hours flying can sure be tiresome with a squirmy squealing little girl. 

We have not had the opportunity to stop by our new house yet or seen any changes but since I never uploaded our drywall pictures I thought I would get my butt in gear and get it started. First of all hubby took a total of 80 random pictures of the house and since I did not want to upload all of them. I figured I would upload a couple pictures from each room of the house. The next post would contain more excitement and dry wall will then be installed in fact it is already installed now but I have not seen them yet. Soon, I will be. Sheesh, now I sound like a Jedi master --- Soon, you will be! LOL

Going Upstairs

View looking at two different Bedrooms through the frames

Our Laundry room

Our Master Bedroom

2nd Bathroom upstairs

Our Master Walk in closet with a window

Our Mudroom from the Garage
See view from Garage but truck is filled with our stacked Drywall (Exciting)

Where our future ref. will go. Abby on the floor looking for a lost ball

Our fireplace in the Family room (See the blocking above the fireplace - future TV mount)

Thought this was a cool picture with the stairs (One way to Basement other way upstairs)

Our Morning room windows

Our front door - Abby trying to open it

Our basement floors it looks nice all smooth

Our basement storage area - Water heater

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pre- Dry Wall Meeting

This morning we had our pre-dry wall meeting today at 7:30am bright and early. When we arrived we saw a truck in our driveway all loaded up with dry wall stuff that will be installed immediately after our meeting. My husband mostly talked with our PM while I was keeping my little one busy running around in the family room, kitchen and morning room area. It was pretty neat to see all of our ceiling fan, and light rough ins. We also get to see our fireplace, and yep we do have a block up above our fireplace for our future TV mount. We got to check out every room of the house and so far it looks good! I cannot wait to see once the dry wall is in and see how different and how much nicer it will be once the walls are in and no longer see wood. Our PM is still estimating our closing date to be the 24th of June. He asked us if we wanted to be in earlier we could but I told him to take his time we already gave our apartment notice that we will be out of here the end of June. Our PM has been pretty awesome and I really do appreciate how much effort he puts with us especially on our communication. He calls us, emails and even text messages us on what is happening to our house.

I also even asked him if our landscaping will be completed before we move in or after our move in date and was quite pleased to know that our grass will be put in before we get to move in so yay extra bonus points on that. He also mentioned that our siding and our brick will arrive next week and sometime during that week they will start putting it up.

Aside from our exciting morning; last night we learned that my husband's grandfather passed away. He has been sick for some time and know his health has been slowly deteriorating. We will miss him greatly and he has an awesome sense of humor always saying funny things and making us laugh. When we learned of this sadden news we also found out that one of his wishes was that he wants the whole family to get together and have dinner with prime rib. I thought to myself that is so like him making jokes and in a way thinking of us. We will miss him very very much!!!!! We made arrangements to be with our family and will be flying up to Oregon tomorrow night. Our daily drive bys to our new house will be put on hold but when we come back for sure there will be something new to our house since our dry walls will be up by then and maybe our sidings/brick.

Until next week when there is something new and pictures will soon follow.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Interest Rate - Need your Help

Ok bloggers I am curious and need your advice on the interest rate situation with NVR. When we first signed our contract way back at the end of Feb. our interest rate at the time was 5.125% we were at a floating rate. We are not paying any points. We started asking for quotes the past week and for a week and a half the interest rate was at 5% exactly today it is at 4.875 with the way the market is going I am worried that it will go back up and not be below 5% so I wanted to grab the rate and lock it right away. However my hubby wants to see if the rate will drop. Today is Friday and with NVR we can only lock our interest rates Monday through Friday. I know its a gamble and thought it would be fun to read your opinions. The cut off today would be at 4pm so lets see what the audience say. :) Hubby is also interested in your thoughts. Should we grab it since it is the first day for us that it has dropped below 5% and originally our rate was 5.125 or should we take a gamble and see if it will drop down some more?

Thoughts anyone?

A bit of progress!

Yesterday, we drove by our new house hoping to get a glimpse of something new. I was hoping that our shingles were up since the past week it has been raining but yesterday it was sunny so I was hoping the men were hard at work. I was disappointed to see the shingles are still sitting on the roof all wrapped up but we do now have a garage door so that was good to see. My hubby was able to snap a few photos of the inside while I waited in the car.

We will meet with our Guardian tomorrow at noon at the site to decide where we want our data/cable to go alongside with where to place our pre-wire for the TV mount. Then next week on the 11th we will meet with our PM to have our pre-dry wall meeting. I am so looking forward to get the ball rolling and see more progress done with our house. Just a few random pictures below.

Our Morning Room! You can see on the side it will be a Breakfast Bar (So Exciting)

See the green design - That is our Gourmet Island - Pretty cool...

From Abby's Bedroom Window 

Thought this was interesting in the 3rd Bedroom - Attic crawlspace maybe?

The upstairs 2nd bath

Master Bedroom - MY soaking tub! (Not Hubbys-MINE) Hehe

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A lot has been done in two days!

Wow, the framers have been busy!!! Below are pictures from the last two days but now we have a roof and its an amazing feeling! Most of the windows are up and it is looking GOOD! :) Can you tell I am excited????? Squee...

Day two of Framing 

You can see the morning room from the distance :)

The third day and already there is a roof (Holy Cow)

Windows are framed in

Kind of hard to see but the piece of wood sticking out is the fireplace

It has has been three days since they started framing and a lot of work has been done. I wonder what will the next step be? Putting up the shingles on the roof or maybe a garage door? I love driving by the house and wondering what progress has been made.