Saturday, May 21, 2011

We now have Brick! Doing a little dance.....

We drove by our house and look what we saw ------- thats right baby we got BRICK! So, so, so excited!

So Pretty!!!!!

Its still a work in progress

My house from behind

They were able to put the brick up in one day yesterday there was none. I was very impressed. The white trim around the roof still needs to be worked on and black shutters will still be added on the brick side of the windows. I am loving it so far and still cannot believe it will all be mine in one month! Yahoo, can you tell I am excited? Giggle..... :) I feel like a school girl. 

As I was taking a picture behind the house I met my first neighbor. A guy behind my house rear neighbor stopped by to say hello. He was mowing the lawn and welcomed me to the area. He mentioned that they have been living in their house for three years and I didn't realize that the houses have been here that long. I assumed the houses were built a year ago. He assured me that it was a quiet neighborhood and a very good place to live. Yay for that. I like quiet neighborhoods. My first neighbor yay! 

I will be visiting my family in California on Monday for a week and will be bringing my 20 mth old with me on the plane. My hubby is staying behind but I am hoping that he will continue to take pictures of the house and send me updates of what has been going on. I will definitely miss driving by the house. 

I am sooo excited we now have brick!!!!!!


  1. It looks really nice with the darker brick contrasting with the nice, clean white siding. Great choices! Have fun in CA!

  2. VERY NICE!! Looks like they need to finish maybe the gutters? have one fine looking house! =)

    How will you survive with no drive by's for a week? *gasp* How will we survive without your updates! Hurry back!! lol

    Seriously, we'll miss the updates and pictures, but enjoy your visit. I'm sure they miss you and you them. GL on the flight? Is it non-stop or do you have a layover? How long is it?

    Have fun hon!! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!

  3. Looks great! Like a real house now!! :)

  4. Love it! Our closings are coming up fast, have you started packing? I haven't packed a thing since that last

  5. Thanks noey we have a layover in texas and we fly in the evening we land in cali at 11pm but its really like 2am ohio time ugh. It will be a long day and still an hour drive to my parents house. Fun times ahead lol. I will definitely miss my drive bys and hopefully hubby can get his butt in gear taking a bunch of pixs.

    @ min nope with the packing knowing me I'm a huge huge huge procrastintor and probably won't start packing till the week we actuallly move. Yep that's me definitely not a smart one. :)

  6. Your house looks so nice!!! Love the brick!

  7. Looks good. Nice to see someone else with elevation A!

  8. House looks great!! Its crazy to think that alot of us will be in our homes in the next month or two ( Lucky ones are already in ).