Sunday, May 1, 2011

A lot has been done in two days!

Wow, the framers have been busy!!! Below are pictures from the last two days but now we have a roof and its an amazing feeling! Most of the windows are up and it is looking GOOD! :) Can you tell I am excited????? Squee...

Day two of Framing 

You can see the morning room from the distance :)

The third day and already there is a roof (Holy Cow)

Windows are framed in

Kind of hard to see but the piece of wood sticking out is the fireplace

It has has been three days since they started framing and a lot of work has been done. I wonder what will the next step be? Putting up the shingles on the roof or maybe a garage door? I love driving by the house and wondering what progress has been made.


  1. Everything is about to start flying now!! I cant believe how fast the process moves along..

  2. Ooh thanks for sharing. I gage my timelines based on so much of what this community has shared!

  3. Sweeeeet! They ARE moving fast! Framing always seems to be the most impressive stage, tho -- brace yourself for the next stages that don't look as impressive. But: sweeeeet! (Can't wait to see it in person.)

  4. I just love driving by ours too isn't it exciting!! Loving that morning room!

  5. YAY!! It's a house!! lol

    It looks great! I can't believe how fast they have gotten this done! Congrats! Very exciting stuff!

  6. It is so exciting! Things move fast! I believe they did our shingles and garage door in the same day! The morning room is great! I love the 2 extra windows on the side, makes it so bright!

  7. So nice to see it start taking shape...congratulations!