Monday, May 16, 2011

Old Pre-Dry wall pictures

We just got back from our Hubby's Grandfathers wake and let me tell you travelling with a 20 month old on our lap on the airplane is no easy feat. She is a big girl but it saves us some moola since she is under two years of age than purchasing her a seat on the plane. 6 hours flying can sure be tiresome with a squirmy squealing little girl. 

We have not had the opportunity to stop by our new house yet or seen any changes but since I never uploaded our drywall pictures I thought I would get my butt in gear and get it started. First of all hubby took a total of 80 random pictures of the house and since I did not want to upload all of them. I figured I would upload a couple pictures from each room of the house. The next post would contain more excitement and dry wall will then be installed in fact it is already installed now but I have not seen them yet. Soon, I will be. Sheesh, now I sound like a Jedi master --- Soon, you will be! LOL

Going Upstairs

View looking at two different Bedrooms through the frames

Our Laundry room

Our Master Bedroom

2nd Bathroom upstairs

Our Master Walk in closet with a window

Our Mudroom from the Garage
See view from Garage but truck is filled with our stacked Drywall (Exciting)

Where our future ref. will go. Abby on the floor looking for a lost ball

Our fireplace in the Family room (See the blocking above the fireplace - future TV mount)

Thought this was a cool picture with the stairs (One way to Basement other way upstairs)

Our Morning room windows

Our front door - Abby trying to open it

Our basement floors it looks nice all smooth

Our basement storage area - Water heater

I tried to spare you the too many 80 something pictures and tried to find one picture for a specific room. All in all the house will even look better once the drywall is in. I am hoping to stop by the house sometime today or tomorrow and there will be a significant change from the last time. I cannot believe that my house will be ready next month and it seems like yesterday I just signed the paperwork to purchase a house. I cannot wait to move!


  1. Great pics!! I think you picked great ones to share with us all! Can't wait to see the next installment!

    You are a braver woman than I! My little girl will be 2 next month and there is NO WAY she'd sit still (in my lap or not) on a plane.

  2. Miss you miss you miss you: house looks awesome! Can't wait to see it!