Thursday, May 19, 2011

Siding are up!

I drove by my house this morning and this is what I saw! I was practically jumping with joy to see that my house siding is all up and done alongside with the shutters. The side of the house will be filled with brick and have no idea when that will be. We are the only house in the neighborhood with white siding and I like it. Everyone else has neutral colors and I like the idea of being different from the others. 

While I was at it I decided to take a few snapshots of the other houses in my neighborhood for fun. 

My house - White siding with black shutters

On the side of the house

The back of the house (the white one)

This is our next door neighbor the Springbrook ranch home

This is our neighbor across the street from us its the Rome

Our other neighbor next to the Rome on the right side across the street it is the Nables

On the other side of the Rome left side across the street from us there will be a Chantilly. Down the street from us on the corner lot they are building the Bainbridge Hall. No pictures yet since they are in the process of digging the holes. It is pretty neat to see all the variety of  models on our street and the houses will not be identical right next to each other.

I cannot wait till we have the brick up! Who knew that I can be sooo excited over the little things. Till the next adventure.


  1. Looks fantastic!!! Its funny our street that we are building on is Bainbridge Loop! Its amazing how many people say Bainbridge what? when I tell them the address. LOOP people...its like a STREET only rounded! LOL

    Congrats on the siding it really looks great! I am SOOO jealous of your stone! I wanted that on ours but it was a 6k upgrade :( Is it an option or standard in your community? I have seen alot of Northern (im in FL) Ryan homes with the brick or stone. So envious

  2. Thank you so much! I love the colors. Our house will have brick not stone. I think you are referring to the stone across the street from us the rome they have partial stone. Right now in our community its the standard incentive to get partial brick so if you want the stone it will only be an extra 2 to 3k for partial not sure for the full stone front though.

    My sis in law lives on tractor loop and I think its a funny name. Is different from drive, courtyard, street, boulevard loop stands out! :)

  3. It looks fantastic!! We are also on a looped street LOL

  4. Your house is beautiful!! VERY NICE!! The rome is nice too...I think it might be Pennsylvania stone...but not sure. All your neighbors have nice houses. =) And they're all different! That's cool!

    I can't wait to see your house with the brick on it! =) I bet you can't either. I am guessing your door will be black too, yes?

    Keep the pics a comin'! You know we love them!!

  5. Yes, the door will be black! I am going for the traditional look. Just spoke with my PM he said our brick will be going on this weekend. Very exciting!

  6. Yayyy! Beautiful! That is so exciting!

  7. EEP! I'm so excited for you! I love those colors! Our last home was white with burgundy shutters. I love the crisp look of white. Just remember to pressure wash it!! If it's not kept clean, it's not as pretty.

  8. Gorgeous! It's coming along SO fast!

  9. WOW, awesome. Looks great. Sure moving along a lot faster than Cali homes.

  10. Looks great!! Maybe it's just the angle the shot was taken at, but the Naples looks SO tall to me!

  11. A jump for joy is a great reaction! Haha, it's nice to see that your dream house is progressing well, from the siding and the shutters. Also, it looks like you'll have some nice neighbors. Lots of good-looking homes there, including yours.

    -Shania Fargo