Friday, April 29, 2011

A new day!

After all the waiting to get past the basement stage there is finally something new to our house. Originally, our PM wanted to start framing then pour the slab after but the last two days we had some sunshine so therefore they were able to finish up the slab and have a floor installed before the framers came to put the wood up.

Other than the excitement of having the lumber there it was great to see our tubs sitting on the lot along with a box full of windows and doors. Today, was the first day that the framers came and put some wood up. The PM stated that all the wood will be finished and framed by the coming Tuesday. I was pretty impressed that it would go up that fast. He also has mentioned that they are still aiming for our closing date to be the 24th of June. So far so good!

In our neighborhood block we are phase 3 of phase 4 but there are 6 lots right now that are currently being put up all in the same time. Some are finishing up while others are just digging their lot. Our next door neighbor is a 1 story house Springbrook but it was a surprise since they are now will be the only house in the whole block that are different from the other models. Which is a good thing a nice variety is nice it was just a surprise to me when I drove by the lot and say ohhh look its not a Venice or the Nables its a new model. At least it will be easier for people to find my house I can just say my house is next to the one story house easy to find! LOL a little bit of humor. I cannot wait till the neighborhood is finished.

Hubby Jon in front of our first floor house
First day of Framing :) 
Our next door neighbor - 1 story house (Springbrook)

Our Tubs on the lot

Our windows and doors

Our bathtub 

Looking forward to the coming Tuesday to see the new changes. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

The next basement lego piece

Hello Everyone! The weather has not been kind to us lately we have been experiencing multiple thunderstorms, rain, just basically horrible weather. Not much progress has been made for our basement walls but however they did complete the poured foundation for basement walls. This is our next phase of our lego model :)

The good news however, is that we will be getting our lumber delivered tomorrow. For this I cannot wait! I am sooo ecstatic for the lumber part. When we first visited our lot we were concerned about how the basement walls looked like it was full of holes and bubbles. I do not know much about construction but just the look of the many bubbles of the walls concerned me. It looked like the concrete was not mixed properly like they were in a hurry. We did address this issue to our PM. He said not to worry and that was part of the forming process. He also stated due to the weather delays and how the lumber will be delivered on time they will be starting the framing up then when the weather is nice they will go back and pour the concrete foundation. We asked if this process is normal pouring the foundation concrete slab after the framing part is up. He mentioned that this process is normally used during the winter months and when this happens they use steel columns embedded in the concrete to ensure that they are accurately put in place with the footers.
So far all of our concerns have been addressed but would feel better if any of you bloggers have experienced this and is normal procedure. Other than yay our lumber is coming tomorrow!!!!!! 

Pictures below.
Front of Basement

Back of the house, see basement window

Closer look of the basement walls

See the multiple bubble holes on the last picture above that was what got me a bit concerned. I thought that the concrete was not mixed correctly but according to our PM this is what is supposed to happen. Stay tuned for our next phase of our building process. :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Basement wall panels are slowly going up!

Husband and my little Abigail

                                 Wall Panel Foundations are up :)

At a side angle

Over the weekend the foundation footers that were poured had to be dried but now as of today the men were hard at work putting the wall panels up. I am assuming the workmen will continue to work on the basement this week and hopefully maybe next week the wood will be delivered and framing will start? I have no idea but for sure my toes will be crossed the whole time!!!!!!! It is fun to drive by and see how it is different from day to day.

Until something else is new......

Friday, April 15, 2011

The hole now has a companion!

Yesterday, our lot was dug and today the crew installed/poured the footer and now has a outline around the home. They put in the drain pipes around it and put gravel. The large material you see below standing up are the wall panels that will be used to form the foundation walls. My PM said that they will need to be dried over the weekend but on Monday they will start putting up the walls of the foundation so until then hopefully next week we will have more to report. The hole is slowly starting to be filled up and it is FUN to watch.

No longer a bare hole

closer look of the footer along the perimeter of house

If look closely the drain pipes are installed next to the footer

Hopefully there will be something new by Monday. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A hole, a hole, we now have a HOLE!

I am sooo excited that now our house is officially on the road to being built. Since our pre-construction meeting back on Monday our manager mentioned that our lot may be dug either on Wednesday or Thursday. Yesterday, we drove by our lot no such luck but today we got an email from our manager saying that our lot was dug and tomorrow they will start pouring the foundation and maybe the walls depending on how the weather is like. I was shocked thinking how can they dig all in one day and be done. I was thinking it would take at least two to three days for them to finish digging our lot but nope according to the email they are done and will start with the foundation tomorrow. I was sooo giddy with excitement and drove over to our lot and yep and behold our lot is no longer flat but now has a hole. Below are the pictures.

Drive way facing out

The front of our house (Can see the driveway) 

At a different angle.

Our beautiful hole :)

Hopefully tomorrow according to our PM he said they will be pouring the foundation so we shall see. I am beyond excited to watch the house being put up. Yip, hip hurray.....

Monday, April 11, 2011

For Noey - The aftermath of the Pre-Construction Meeting

The Pre-Construction meeting has come and gone. It was a bit over an hour and it was tough keeping my 18 month girl occupied. The meeting went well and were able to meet the guy who is responsible for building our house. We basically went over each room and what option that we chose to go with. I asked about when our estimated ground breaking date. In my mind I was thinking he would say next week but much to my amazement he said depending on the weather he can start as early as this WEDNESDAY. So now I just got to look up at the sky and say please be good and be sunny! Crossing fingers and toes. He also mentioned that our closing date would be on June 24th which is good!!!! Now all I have to do is notify my landlord and let them know that we will be out of here by the end of June which allows us time to move instead of scrambling it all in one to two days during the weekend.

Due to reading some of the blog I did pick up on the suggestion of putting a blocking of wood over the fireplace mount and did ask the manager about that. He did seem a bit surprised that I brought it up but after thinking for a bit he did say it would be a good idea and if it was him building a house he would add it in. Well thank goodness that I do the research it would be helpful if he brought it up instead of me saying ohhh by the way I heard blah blah blah lol. One other thing that I was happy with was that with the recess lights I thought we would be getting 5 maybe 6 recess lights but nope we are getting 7 which was I was quite pleased with. More recess lights the better.

It was raining really hard today and the lot was super wet and muddy so we were not able to walk on the lot so hopefully the next sunny day I can walk on the lot and get some pictures.

Pre-Construction Jitters

My Pre-construction meeting is TODAY at noon! I am sooooo excited can you tell? It felt like the day will never arrive. We signed the contract on 26th of Feb. and it just feels like the day will never arrive. I know once you meet the Project Manager ground breaking will be right around the corner. I just hope I do not have to wait another month or so to actually see some action. Anyways the meeting is only a few hours away and wanted to see if any of you who have gone through the pre-construction meeting any tips? I will take anything. I will let you know how the meeting goes and when they should be breaking ground. EXCITED, EXCITED...........

Monday, April 4, 2011

Debating to add or not

I am debating whether or not to add a utility sink in the laundry room. I have never had one before it sounds pretty handy but am wondering if this add on would be worth it or be something that would be sitting there and never get to be used. So come on my blogging friends let me know if it is worth it or something that would be best left alone. Am in need of advice so any would be helpful. Thanks so much in advance.