Friday, April 29, 2011

A new day!

After all the waiting to get past the basement stage there is finally something new to our house. Originally, our PM wanted to start framing then pour the slab after but the last two days we had some sunshine so therefore they were able to finish up the slab and have a floor installed before the framers came to put the wood up.

Other than the excitement of having the lumber there it was great to see our tubs sitting on the lot along with a box full of windows and doors. Today, was the first day that the framers came and put some wood up. The PM stated that all the wood will be finished and framed by the coming Tuesday. I was pretty impressed that it would go up that fast. He also has mentioned that they are still aiming for our closing date to be the 24th of June. So far so good!

In our neighborhood block we are phase 3 of phase 4 but there are 6 lots right now that are currently being put up all in the same time. Some are finishing up while others are just digging their lot. Our next door neighbor is a 1 story house Springbrook but it was a surprise since they are now will be the only house in the whole block that are different from the other models. Which is a good thing a nice variety is nice it was just a surprise to me when I drove by the lot and say ohhh look its not a Venice or the Nables its a new model. At least it will be easier for people to find my house I can just say my house is next to the one story house easy to find! LOL a little bit of humor. I cannot wait till the neighborhood is finished.

Hubby Jon in front of our first floor house
First day of Framing :) 
Our next door neighbor - 1 story house (Springbrook)

Our Tubs on the lot

Our windows and doors

Our bathtub 

Looking forward to the coming Tuesday to see the new changes. :)


  1. How exciting. I don't think we got pics of our tubs before they were installed. Jon looks very proud in front if the house.

  2. VERY EXCITING!! I'm glad to see the closing date is still good too! =)

    You are right, it'll be easier to give directions to your house with a ranch next door. lol Our street already is scheduled to have our Milan, another Milan but different elevation, a Naples, and a Rome, that I know of. It'd be neat to have a the ranch and the Venice on it too. There is currently only ONE house on the whole street and it was built several years ago and they no longer offer that model. So I think so far, we have a pretty good mesh of homes.

    I think it's neat all that stuff is already delivered! That is so cool! No waiting for it to get there!

    I love your pics! Can't wait for the next installment!

  3. Those tubs look huge!! I think that is the same one we have LOL. Your house is looking great!