Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random summer thoughts

I have been missing in action for the last couple of days. My sister and my nephew came up to visit me over the weekend and I just put all of my energy into them. As I have stated in my previous blog how we have moved from Cali to Ohio it has been very hard on me. I am used to seeing my family on the weekends and just playing with my niece and nephews. Having no family here has been taking a toll on me. We relocated due to my husbands job and making the sacrifice to giving up my job which I love so much was teaching part time at the college. I taught American Sign Language (ASL). Now we are in the process of having our house build it has been keeping me busy.

I took my sister to the model home and I have been dying inside for her to love my new home and I was sooo relieved when she was gushing on how big it is and how great it is for my Abby (my 18 mth old) to roam around. Its silly I know wanting my sister's acceptance. My family has been pretty upset when I first broke the news that we were moving. California to Ohio is not a day drive so it is not something I can just run over whenever I am feeling upset or want a hug from my mom or my siblings.

I will visit my family at the end of May and I will be going alone with my daughter for a week. I am really excited about that especially seeing my dad. Just the thought of entertaining my daughter on the plane on my lap is something I am not looking forward too. I can imagine the stares from other people on the plane when she gets fussy.

My house should be done by middle of June supposely June 24th. We will not know for sure till our
pre-construction meeting which is happening in 2 weeks on April 11th. I wish it would go faster. I am looking forward for summer since my in laws will be visiting us in July then my sister and sis in law will come in August for a paint party to help me paint the house. My parents will be coming in September. This summer will be something to look forward to adjusting to our new home and being able to have guest come to visit.

I am soo ready for the pre-construction meeting two more weeks to go.

Monday, March 21, 2011

One little tiny upgrade

My Sales Rep rocks! I am sooo happy today we were able to add one more structural change even though the structural changes finalization was two weeks ago. I wanted to change our half bath (powder room) into a full bathroom down in the basement but we were not sure of our budget due to the add on with the flooring department alongside with Guardian. We got the final numbers on our mortgage two days ago and found out we can still afford to make any changes to the house. I really wanted the full bathroom in the basement and emailed my sales rep right away to see if there were any chance at all if we could make a change.

Her first response was NO, and that it was too late since they will be building our house in about three weeks. She also mentioned that they already made the order but she will put a call to her manager to double-check. The next day she emailed us saying yes, we can do it but we would have to run down to the office to make the change so she can submit the paperwork tonight so they can quickly put in the order. Alongside with the structural change we also added an electrical switched outlet in the kitchen so we can put rope lights above the cabinets shelves. I am sooooo thrilled that we were able to make a change thanks to my sales rep she really works hard for us!

I also found out our estimated closing date would be June 24th the earliest date would be June 15th but for now they are shooting for the 24th. Which is perfect my apartment lease ends on the end of may which makes all of this easier that I can pay month to month rent. I will find out more for sure once we speak with our program manager on the 11th of April.

Now the wait begins...... =)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Guardian Meeting

It's time for me to get back to blogging! =)

We met with our Guardian Thursday Night and he was pretty great. He had such a likable personality which made the meeting enjoyable. There were a range of things he is selling from audio sounds, central vac system, security system, structured wiring/outlets, intercom systems, and entertainment centers.

Since we are a Deaf family we felt getting any kind of speakers whether it be surround sound or audio will not be beneficial for us. Plus the intercom system would not work for us. The whole thing sounds pretty awesome but will we really use it? NO. We pretty much use our eyes for communication. I watch the television or movies with captioning or subtitles all the time.

The thing that we did get were the Structured wiring. We got CAT5e wiring for each room in the house which IS pretty sweet. Other than that we are also getting a pre-wire above our fireplace for the future TV mount. The only way we can get them to mount the TV is if we buy a TV from them. Our TV we have is fine so we can put a mount on ourselves. We did discuss the option of having all the wires in the hallway closet but figured we can just leave it in the storage room in the basement.

We do have our pre construction meeting set it will be on April 11th. I am soo anxious I wish we could have met sooner but that is the earliest date we can have it arranged. I hope I can be a patient person, usually I am but with this house building process I want it to go faster!

That is it soooo far.....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Pixs of the model home of Venice and the DECK!

Hello everyone! Since there have been several people inquiring about the deck I had to stop by the Venice model home. I know you all probably have seen the venice pictures from other people's blog but thought I would add it for some of my friends and family. So here goes starting from the deck.

Hubby Jon and Abby
Its a standard size 10x12
From Morning Room

Morning Room 
Kitchen (Excited about Gourmet Island & Recess lights)

Kitchen from farther away
Family Room (Will have Recess lights over fireplace with TV mount)
Living Room 
Master Bedroom
Abby liking the Tub (Master Full Bathrm)
2nd bedroom

3rd bedroom (Abbys room - It is the biggest)
4th bedroom (Smallest Bedroom)

Little Basement Nook
Basement Storage

2nd floor Full Bath

Basement Half Bath
1st floor Half Bat
Laundry Room 2nd Floor
Mud Room (From the Garage into the House)

That is all Folks! I had a difficult time trying to rearrange the pictures and in the beginning I thought I had it worked out then towards the end I got a little frustrated LOL! Finally got the pictures uploaded and tried my best. Oh well. 

I do not have my closing date yet but it is estimated to be sometime towards the end of may to June. My guess will be end of June. I will be meeting with the Guardian this Thursday and soon will have a date for the pre-construction meeting. Any advice on this area would be helpful!

Oh yah for the 200 amp we sought our uncle's advice regarding the upgrade he is an owner of the an Electrican company and said our 150amp is enough. he also stated that the inspectors will come out through the walk through and if the house is not up to standard with the electricity they would enforce the company to put an 200 amp. So yay for us money saved. 

As for the deck, I know it is not great lol but it is enough to put a BBQ grill up. Later down the road in a year or so hopefully I would like to put a Hot Tub up. I am an California girl at heart and use hot tub all the time but coming out to Ohio it is weird to see no one has a hot tub here. I guess due to the weather but I would like to somehow put a hot tub which means somehow and someway adding a little patio somewhere next to the deck on the walkway. Suggestions anyone? =) I love to read your comments......

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yay! New pictures are up....

Hi everyone! After yesterdays wonderful news of being approved of course we went out to celebrate and we all went out to Sushi! We all were in Sushi heaven. =) Here is a picture of our family below.

Abby and my Hubby
Sushi Heaven

It took me a while to figure out how to add pictures up and I apologize if it took a while. Again, I am new at the blogging thing so please be patient with us. I am soo excited to join the others with the Ryan home blog and it has been such a joy reading other peoples blog that I wanted to be a part of this adventure. Warning this will be a long post as I catch up on what has happened from last couple of weeks.

On Saturday, February 26th was the day that we decided to purchase a home from Ryan home alongside with our Realtor. We also gave them our down payment that day and after signing a million papers. After 3 and half hours later we got our sold sticker added on the wall and sign at the end of the day. I remember I was sooo excited but anxious as we still have to meet with our NVR mortgage and things were not official until last night! We had to wait for one week and a half to get our response and boy was it quick! I was told it would be a three week wait. Below are the sticker/sold sign pictures.

Picture of whole Model we are in 2nd Phase
Closer look we are Lot 49 

It was really Muddy! Hubby took pix with cell from the car

Ok, here we go with the choices. For the kitchen flooring we chose to go with the standard vinyl. If fiances allow I would love to go with hardwood flooring but for now vinyl is good plus with our little girl she will most definitely be tearing up, coloring and spilling stuff on the floor so for now until she gets a little older we will look into having hardwood floors. The whole first floor will have a darker shade of vinyl while the bathroom, laundry floor upstairs will have the lighter vinyl shade.
Lighter shade of Vinyl

The carpet color is standard a thornwood color but we did upgrade the carpet padding all through the house to 6lbs padding which will last us for ten years. The standard carpet is 5 lb which is good for five years. Of course we want to live there much longer than five years so we went with ten.

Not the greatest color but its good for starter house and wanted dark shade carpet to cover spills.

Here is a picture of our stair railing color it is Armstrong Sugar Creek Maple. I personally love it. I am so happy that we have stair case railing especially for our little girl. My brother has stairs at his house and Abby constantly goes up and down the stairs. I worry for her if she will fall rolling down the stairs so having a stair case railing gives me a peace of mind.
Love it!

As for granite countertops we choose the uba-tuba color. Since our fireplace will have uba-tuba I decided to have the countertops match instead of having a different color. I originally wanted a black countertop that that was a upgrade nbr 2 and we have nbr 1. Uba-Tuba was the next best thing choice to match our fireplace mantel.

Its a small picture but get the idea of the color.

As for the exterior of the house we chose to have black shutters and black door (we have elevation A with partial brick and siding). Our brick will be a dark red color which is called Seneca Blend. At first I chose the lighter shade red Cennential Red but after driving around the neighborhood I realize in my head the red shading was not dark enough for me and decided to go back and change the brick color to a darker shade and am happy with my choices. I am thrilled that I was able to have my first choice of brick since the neighbor next to me and across from me are having stone color bricks which is perfect! Yay for me us having the first choice.

Idea what Venice looks like but with different colors 
Seneca Blend dark Red Brick, Black shutters, door, and white siding

Other than the choices we made here are a few add ons that we included with our house. We added 5 rough in ceiling fans (4 for all upstairs bedroom and 1 for Morning room), recess kitchen lights, recess lights added over our fireplace in family room (thank you bloggers for the idea), outlet for the stairs as it turns easier to vaccum the stairs, outlet other side of island, and one to add a mount for our TV over the fireplace. Added a rough in for water softener (Our sales Rep strongly suggested that one). I am curious if any of you have a water softener? One light fixture rough in for the living room. I strongly believe in having lights in each part of your house.

We have not met with our Guardian yet but we will have our meeting on Thursday, March 17th so until then I will have more to update and report. Please check back then. =)

Friday, March 11, 2011

It is Official

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie Flerchinger and I am deaf. I am new at this blog thing. I stumbled across Ryan home blog and have been following up on it for a while here and wanted to join but wanted to wait till I found out whether or not we were approved by NVR mortgage company for Ryan homes. As of today we are! Whoo hoo. I am new to Ohio we the Flerchingers moved here a few months ago from California. I grew in Cali and all of my family are from there. We moved due to my husbands job. First he moved up here back in November of 2010 then I joined him up here in January of 2011 due to my job.

For a while there we were looking at buying a home but none of the houses were to our satisfaction until I accidentally stumbled across an MLS listing from our Realtor's list of housing. There was an ad for a Venice home a house that was build by Ryan homes for the price of 229k. We decided to check out the model and just fell in love with it. The house is perfect for the three of us meaning me, my husband and our 17 month old daughter Abby.

We live in Beavercreek Ohio and will be building a home at the Preserves of Spring Ridge at Beavercreek Township which is not very far from where we currently live.

With that price range we were able to get a 4 bedroom house with 2 full bathrooms with 2 half baths. A partial brick front with siding, full finished basement with half bath, morning room with windows on the side, granite countertops, 42 inch Fairfield maple spice cabinets, upgraded owners soaking bath tub separate showers, standard 10 by 12 deck, uba-tuba marble fireplace, and a gourmet island. All of this sounded like a great deal to me compared to buying an older home for about the same price.

I am beyond excited and cannot believe that we will be building a house of our dreams. I will post pictures later of what samples I have chosen for our countertops, flooring, and carpet colors.