Monday, March 14, 2011

Pixs of the model home of Venice and the DECK!

Hello everyone! Since there have been several people inquiring about the deck I had to stop by the Venice model home. I know you all probably have seen the venice pictures from other people's blog but thought I would add it for some of my friends and family. So here goes starting from the deck.

Hubby Jon and Abby
Its a standard size 10x12
From Morning Room

Morning Room 
Kitchen (Excited about Gourmet Island & Recess lights)

Kitchen from farther away
Family Room (Will have Recess lights over fireplace with TV mount)
Living Room 
Master Bedroom
Abby liking the Tub (Master Full Bathrm)
2nd bedroom

3rd bedroom (Abbys room - It is the biggest)
4th bedroom (Smallest Bedroom)

Little Basement Nook
Basement Storage

2nd floor Full Bath

Basement Half Bath
1st floor Half Bat
Laundry Room 2nd Floor
Mud Room (From the Garage into the House)

That is all Folks! I had a difficult time trying to rearrange the pictures and in the beginning I thought I had it worked out then towards the end I got a little frustrated LOL! Finally got the pictures uploaded and tried my best. Oh well. 

I do not have my closing date yet but it is estimated to be sometime towards the end of may to June. My guess will be end of June. I will be meeting with the Guardian this Thursday and soon will have a date for the pre-construction meeting. Any advice on this area would be helpful!

Oh yah for the 200 amp we sought our uncle's advice regarding the upgrade he is an owner of the an Electrican company and said our 150amp is enough. he also stated that the inspectors will come out through the walk through and if the house is not up to standard with the electricity they would enforce the company to put an 200 amp. So yay for us money saved. 

As for the deck, I know it is not great lol but it is enough to put a BBQ grill up. Later down the road in a year or so hopefully I would like to put a Hot Tub up. I am an California girl at heart and use hot tub all the time but coming out to Ohio it is weird to see no one has a hot tub here. I guess due to the weather but I would like to somehow put a hot tub which means somehow and someway adding a little patio somewhere next to the deck on the walkway. Suggestions anyone? =) I love to read your comments......


  1. ACK! I had no idea how badly the pictures were posted. Before I pushed the blog post it looked better now it looks TERRIBLE!!!!! Sorry.... =(

  2. Again, I wanted to add all the pictures I took were from my camera phone so it is not in its best quality.

  3. Quality looks fine to me. If you're going to get a hot tube I suggest you put a dedicated circuit outside where you would put the hot tub.

    As for Guardian, try to get as much free stuff possible. We got 3 months free service and a pet friendly motion sensor for pets up to 65 lbs. We were trying to get 6 month. If you do the fireplace mount you may want to consider surround sound. We chose not to because we're going to get a sound bar that will project into the kitchen. Plus when we finish the basement, we'll add it there. Think about how you plan on arranging furniture as they will ask you where you want the outlets.

  4. Agree with 2011 on both topics. I think code will force you to put in a dedicated circuit for the hot tub. Regarding Guardian meeting...look at as many posts as possible to get an idea of what you are walking can be an overwhelming amount of information...we broke our meeting up into all the information and prices and then came back and made all our selections. It is somewhat expensive, but for us it was worth it to not have wires all over the place. The speakers they offer are very very good and they don't mark them up too much.

  5. Your daughter is a cutie pie! :) Congrats on your new home! My only suggestion for the Pre-Con meeting is to write down any questions you have so you don't forget anything. I had a whole list of questions!

  6. Great point ACP. I started putting questions on the memo pad in my phone.

  7. Hi Stephanie!

    My name is Heather and me and my soon to be husband are building a venice in Fairborn, which is right next to Beavercreek. Our apartment now is in Beavercreek very close to the neighborhood where you're building. It's really neat to see someone so close to us going through Ryan as well. Our home is set to be finished in July, we asked to have it pushed back some due to our lease constraints. Well I look forward to reading the rest of your blog, I really should start one as well I'm just afraid I wouldn't keep up with it. Have fun with your building process!

  8. We are going through about the same thing as you! I am nervous about the guardian meeting. We want to get some things but we don't want it to get to expensive. The deck is so beautiful! I wish we had the option of getting a deck! I love it!

  9. Stephanie...thanks so much for the post...we have decided to do a patio around the egress window and for more space...we will get around to doing it one day!!! We need more money!!!! lol