Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random summer thoughts

I have been missing in action for the last couple of days. My sister and my nephew came up to visit me over the weekend and I just put all of my energy into them. As I have stated in my previous blog how we have moved from Cali to Ohio it has been very hard on me. I am used to seeing my family on the weekends and just playing with my niece and nephews. Having no family here has been taking a toll on me. We relocated due to my husbands job and making the sacrifice to giving up my job which I love so much was teaching part time at the college. I taught American Sign Language (ASL). Now we are in the process of having our house build it has been keeping me busy.

I took my sister to the model home and I have been dying inside for her to love my new home and I was sooo relieved when she was gushing on how big it is and how great it is for my Abby (my 18 mth old) to roam around. Its silly I know wanting my sister's acceptance. My family has been pretty upset when I first broke the news that we were moving. California to Ohio is not a day drive so it is not something I can just run over whenever I am feeling upset or want a hug from my mom or my siblings.

I will visit my family at the end of May and I will be going alone with my daughter for a week. I am really excited about that especially seeing my dad. Just the thought of entertaining my daughter on the plane on my lap is something I am not looking forward too. I can imagine the stares from other people on the plane when she gets fussy.

My house should be done by middle of June supposely June 24th. We will not know for sure till our
pre-construction meeting which is happening in 2 weeks on April 11th. I wish it would go faster. I am looking forward for summer since my in laws will be visiting us in July then my sister and sis in law will come in August for a paint party to help me paint the house. My parents will be coming in September. This summer will be something to look forward to adjusting to our new home and being able to have guest come to visit.

I am soo ready for the pre-construction meeting two more weeks to go.


  1. I know exactly how you feel...Not being closer to my family really sucks sometimes...I wish i could see them more...My mom will be here 2days after we Im thankful for that...Cant wait till you break ground...

  2. Thanks India the blogging thing really does help and I am sooo glad that I found you all. =) Who knew blogging is fun. =)

  3. Yeah the blogging helped me because not everyone wants to hear the joy in your voice about building a home....its a blessing to be able to do it ya know...and were very on here were all on the same page... :) were all obsessed with our homes!!

  4. It's hard when family isn't close.
    It's hard when family isn't supportive (I have some who aren't. Party poopers. lol)

    It is not silly that you wanted your sister's approval at all. I wanted my family to like my home. I think it's normal.

    Blogging is fun! It's awesome. And I think we hall have found a pretty great group of people through it. =)

    I hope you have fun on trip!!! =)

  5. Wow, good that you know the closing date (June 24th). My PM/Sales Rep have not given a firm date yet - they said it would be around mid-Jan.

    Can't wait to see your home pictures of ground-breaking.

    Summer is the perfect time to move-in!!!

  6. Oh summer! I am ready for summer too. I can understand wanting your sisters approval! It means a lot that family can get excited because it is an exciting time. I love blogging too, it is great to have such great people to talk to!

  7. I know what you mean about missing your family. It is really difficult to be far away from everyone. Can't wait to see some pictures of your house when it gets started!