Saturday, March 19, 2011

Guardian Meeting

It's time for me to get back to blogging! =)

We met with our Guardian Thursday Night and he was pretty great. He had such a likable personality which made the meeting enjoyable. There were a range of things he is selling from audio sounds, central vac system, security system, structured wiring/outlets, intercom systems, and entertainment centers.

Since we are a Deaf family we felt getting any kind of speakers whether it be surround sound or audio will not be beneficial for us. Plus the intercom system would not work for us. The whole thing sounds pretty awesome but will we really use it? NO. We pretty much use our eyes for communication. I watch the television or movies with captioning or subtitles all the time.

The thing that we did get were the Structured wiring. We got CAT5e wiring for each room in the house which IS pretty sweet. Other than that we are also getting a pre-wire above our fireplace for the future TV mount. The only way we can get them to mount the TV is if we buy a TV from them. Our TV we have is fine so we can put a mount on ourselves. We did discuss the option of having all the wires in the hallway closet but figured we can just leave it in the storage room in the basement.

We do have our pre construction meeting set it will be on April 11th. I am soo anxious I wish we could have met sooner but that is the earliest date we can have it arranged. I hope I can be a patient person, usually I am but with this house building process I want it to go faster!

That is it soooo far.....


  1. Good choices with Guardian. Sounds like you stuck with the basics like us. Your pre-construction meeting will be here before you know it!

  2. It will be fun to watch your progress as we are doing this at the same time. Good luck to you guys and have fun with the process!

  3. We have our guardian meeting on the 30th. I was so concerned about this because our sales rep told us they would call us to schedule a meeting. Well we waited and waited and they never called us. Finally, I emailed our sales rep and told him we were concerned because we hadn't heard from them and we are scheduled to start on Wednesday. So long story short..they finally called. We are going to do the pre-wiring above the fire place too.

  4. Awesome Choices girl!!! Im so happy for yall!!!

  5. I am excited and can't wait! @ sarah good thing you contacted your sales rep. Regarding guardian it would drive me nuts too. Let me knowhow pre construction goes.