Monday, April 25, 2011

The next basement lego piece

Hello Everyone! The weather has not been kind to us lately we have been experiencing multiple thunderstorms, rain, just basically horrible weather. Not much progress has been made for our basement walls but however they did complete the poured foundation for basement walls. This is our next phase of our lego model :)

The good news however, is that we will be getting our lumber delivered tomorrow. For this I cannot wait! I am sooo ecstatic for the lumber part. When we first visited our lot we were concerned about how the basement walls looked like it was full of holes and bubbles. I do not know much about construction but just the look of the many bubbles of the walls concerned me. It looked like the concrete was not mixed properly like they were in a hurry. We did address this issue to our PM. He said not to worry and that was part of the forming process. He also stated due to the weather delays and how the lumber will be delivered on time they will be starting the framing up then when the weather is nice they will go back and pour the concrete foundation. We asked if this process is normal pouring the foundation concrete slab after the framing part is up. He mentioned that this process is normally used during the winter months and when this happens they use steel columns embedded in the concrete to ensure that they are accurately put in place with the footers.
So far all of our concerns have been addressed but would feel better if any of you bloggers have experienced this and is normal procedure. Other than yay our lumber is coming tomorrow!!!!!! 

Pictures below.
Front of Basement

Back of the house, see basement window

Closer look of the basement walls

See the multiple bubble holes on the last picture above that was what got me a bit concerned. I thought that the concrete was not mixed correctly but according to our PM this is what is supposed to happen. Stay tuned for our next phase of our building process. :)


  1. I see what you mean about the holes in the concrete. But LOTS of buildings here have them. I don't "think" it would too much of a problem. Especially if the PM says that. You have to remember, he does NOT want to be sued!

    Hope another blogger can give you the info on the slab part.

    I'm excited for you!

  2. I totally feel your frustration with the weather! We still do not even have a footer yet! We broke ground march 28th and should already be having a pre drywall meeting! So we are so behind...ughhh I hate rain! I'm hoping when we go Sunday we will see something! Your at the same pace as us! :(

  3. Our Condo basically got started in the dead of winter (January 31) so we got pushed back lots of times due to the weather and snow storms...
    I will have to go back and look at my pictures but for some reason, I feel like I remember seeing steel colomns during the initial stages of construction.