Friday, May 6, 2011

A bit of progress!

Yesterday, we drove by our new house hoping to get a glimpse of something new. I was hoping that our shingles were up since the past week it has been raining but yesterday it was sunny so I was hoping the men were hard at work. I was disappointed to see the shingles are still sitting on the roof all wrapped up but we do now have a garage door so that was good to see. My hubby was able to snap a few photos of the inside while I waited in the car.

We will meet with our Guardian tomorrow at noon at the site to decide where we want our data/cable to go alongside with where to place our pre-wire for the TV mount. Then next week on the 11th we will meet with our PM to have our pre-dry wall meeting. I am so looking forward to get the ball rolling and see more progress done with our house. Just a few random pictures below.

Our Morning Room! You can see on the side it will be a Breakfast Bar (So Exciting)

See the green design - That is our Gourmet Island - Pretty cool...

From Abby's Bedroom Window 

Thought this was interesting in the 3rd Bedroom - Attic crawlspace maybe?

The upstairs 2nd bath

Master Bedroom - MY soaking tub! (Not Hubbys-MINE) Hehe

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