Monday, June 20, 2011

Post # 3 - Morning Room

Ta-da my favorite room in the house is the morning room and of course it has to be one of my top countdowns. I just love the fact that we will be having extra space for a dining room area. Having a large kitchen is a plus but having a morning room all full of windows is gonna be pretty neat. I love having extra windows on the side it will bring so much light into the room. The one other thing that I love is that our eating area will be on the vinyl floor. My dining room table is always on the carpet and its a pain especially with the little one eating rice and having to pick up every rice grain on the carpet and having to bring out the vacuum to clean up the mess. Now the dining room area will be on the vinyl floor and makes it easier to clean than with a carpet and if any liquids or spaghetti sauce gets on the carpet its even more of a pain. The vinyl floor will have no stains and makes it much easier for me to clean up messes.

I know I am just gonna love the morning room and I would not be surprised to find myself drawn to the windows and just look out the horizon to watch the sun rise or set. I am just so thrilled that we are able to get the morning room.

For the first time last night I saw some fireflies. I have never seen them before. I have seen them in movies but just the thought of watching the fireflies through my backyard in the morning room is gonna be a treat so see the fireflies light up at night.  I had no idea how beautiful they are to watch. I am definitely looking forward for some more summer nights and just kick back with my wine glass.

Yay for morning rooms!


  1. I LOVE our morning room. I can't imagine our kitchen without it. Like you said, I find myself sitting at the island staring out the windows often.'re almost there!

  2. Great pick! I wish we had a morning room option down here. We did pick (what RH calls) a sunroom option, but it has no extra windows.....wierd right? It has a sliding glass door (which I HATE) but the standard room came with that anyway. Kinda odd but Oh least its more room.

    You guys will love your new house! You remind me of when my husband and I first started out. We lived in the 200+ year old (should have been condemned) apartment over a post office that no lie...only have 99 PO boxes and they were on a combination keys! LOL the floor slanted 5 different ways, it was supposed to be 2 bedroom but bedroom 2 was the size of a walk in closet! We had a rat...yes rat not mouse...that chewed its way into my cabinet from the OUTSIDE!! OH and mind you this was February in VERMONT!! lol I look back fondly at the 450 sqft hole and smile but I will be happy to get my 2700 sqft house with NO rats and not look back!!!

  3. The morning room is such a sweet option. It's no wonder a lot of the incentive packages include the morning room. The kitchen and family room areas look totally different with the morning room and while you give up an nice wall to get the optional windows, I can't imagine not getting them.

    @Noob - when you get moved in and save a little you should look into replacing your sliding glass door with a french door. Anderson makes one that both doors open and we frequently will open both and let the air pour our family room looks totally different with the french door instead of the slider.

  4. Great post! The morning room was what made me fall in love with Ryan even before I had even toured the rest of the model. 3 days to go Stephanie!!! We're almost there!

  5. Aren't fireflies AMAZING?! Those of us on the west coast really had no idea! I totally love the idea of sitting in your morning room with a glass of wine watching the fireflies ... let's do that in (count 'em) 2 weeks, OK? Love you