Sunday, June 12, 2011

Post # 11 - Kitchen

Hi there fellow Ryan Homes builders. This is the oft-maligned hubby of Stephanie, Jon. I'm making the post today for Stephanie, because she asked. I am most excited about the kitchen that we will have in our new house. From the granite countertops, to the glass-top stove, to the gourmet island, I am very pleased with our new kitchen. Family life centers around food, and for the past 10 years we have never had a kitchen that accommodated more than one person at a time. Our current kitchen is a prime example, room for only one person, and approx 1 sq ft of counterspace.
Our First Mailbox!

We arranged a walkthrough with our sales rep's substitute this afternoon, (she's on her honeymoon) and the house is pretty much done. Some touchup work needs to be done on the wall in the stairwell where they added our outlet, and the yard needs sod and shrubbery, but that's it! I think I will ask our PM to change the doorknob leading to the garage, as it's the only one that's not a handle-type. My PM says it's according to plan, but why have one doorknob in the house that's different from all the others?

Stephanie will be back tomorrow. Please leave lots of comments on her posts, each one makes her day.



  1. Hi Jon! Love the pic...You guys have the same number on your house I grew up in. How cool! I agree totally with you Jon, the kitchen is the place to be in the house. Congrats to you guys we're almost there!

  2. YAYAYAYAYAYAY! Where's Steph? 12 days to move in: about twice that 'til your first houseguests! I am SO excited to see it all - love you all bunches.

  3. I love the pic you posted!!

    I have a question for you sir.... Did you by chance put HER initials in the driveway too?

    As for your pick in the countdown.... GREAT PICK! I can't wait for our kitchen either!! I don't have wall ovens or a cool stove (although it is a stainless steel flattop), but I'm getting the cabinets I love, granite, the gourmet island that is big enough for my 3 girls to help me cook (they love to do that). I think this was a fabulous pick for the countdown!

    You did a good job hon! Stephanie would be proud! =)

  4. Hi's nice to see another guy on here occasionally and we certainly agree with you regarding the kitchen. Our existing kitchen isn't a postage stamp, but it certainly feels like it when the family is all here at Christmas. Everyone gives us heck for building such a big house when they think we should be really isn't huge, just big in all the right spots...the kitchen is one of those.

  5. Oh, and BTW, Jon, I know Stephanie's gonna kill you for posting the pic, but it is darling! ;-)

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