Saturday, June 18, 2011

Post # 5 - bathrooms on every floor

This post is pretty much self-explanatory but I love the fact that our new house there will be a bathroom on every floor. I know I have talked about how much I love our spacious master bathroom but having a 2nd bathroom on the second floor is nice. The 2nd bathroom will pretty much be our daughters domain as I can picture her growing up in our house and dolling herself up before the bathroom mirrors. Having a powder room on the first floor is a convenience so we do not have to trek up to the 2nd floor to use the facilities. What is even better is that we will have a full bathroom down in the basement. Yep, having a bathroom on each floor in the house is gonna be GREAT! We will have a total of 4 bathrooms and that is the most I will ever have in my life. The most bathrooms I have ever lived in throughout my life is two not 4! I am doubling the number of bathrooms so that is pretty neat.

Having a bathroom on each floor is kind of exciting to think about but as much as I am loving the idea of cleaning it up! It will not be fun! :)


  1. LOL I was gonna mention the cleaning of them! But yes, having more bathrooms will definitely be a bonus!

  2. Wow 4 bathrooms! It's great that you guys won't have to go to a different floor no matter where you are in the house. GL when it's time to clean them!

  3. I love having several bathrooms...except on Sundays when I have to clean them :)