Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Post # 16 - Location

The doors are now painted

Ta-da the exterior of my house is all done! I am so happy with it. I just love the colors I think it looks GREAT! All that is left are the landscaping which I think will happen on the last week of the move. 

The inside is coming along nicely. The one error we found was that we paid to have an extra outlet on the stair landing going up somehow they put it in the basement landing stairs going down. So our PM said they will fix that. I am wondering how since I do not think the wiring is in so they must somehow have to rip the wall out to put it in. So we will see. Other than that it is all going smoothly. 

We also got our appraisal report and there were some errors on the paperwork and told them to fix it before we sign any paperwork there were 3 errors. 1). They marked appliance have ref. (but we did not get the ref. the other appliance yes but no ref.)   2). Say no gas in the house (untrue we have fireplace the fireplace is gas)   3). They marked the car is a 3 garage (Nope we have 2 garage). Hopefully they can fix that soon so the paperwork can be all signed. 

The next thing on our countdown - is the location of where we will be living. We are living in one of the best school districts in the county. The schools here are top notch which is great but the living cost here are more expensive compared to the other cities nearby. At first I wanted to build at another town that is closeby its like 5 to ten minutes away but the schools are not as good. Hubby wanted to live in a place where we can send our daughter to a good school where education is highly valued. Even if the expenses are a bit higher we can breathe easily knowing our daughter will be going to an Excellent top rated school. Other than the school system we are not very far away from the golf course which is a nice scenery by the way and are close by to a bunch of nice restaurants and stores. Anytime I need to do some major shopping it is like less than 5 mins away. 

I know the countdown has nothing to do with my house but it is important to know your surrounding neighborhoods and whether if the school system are GREAT! I am happy that the area where I will be living at will have all of these things.  


  1. I loved your countdown pick!

    And your house is sooooo pretty! I love it!! =)

    Good catches on the appraisal! Hope they get it fixed soon and you can move forward quickly. =)

  2. Regarding the missing outlet...they will probably be able to fish the wire thru a wall, but they may just cut the wall board to run it and then patch up the wall.

    Regarding your countdown pick...that has everything to do with the house...for families it should be one of the top 3 reasons to pick a location and if and when the time comes to move and sell your home it can help sell your home.