Monday, June 6, 2011

Post # 17 - basement

Having a basement is gonna be pretty sweet for us. Where we come from in California there are no basements. I never thought about basements at all unless I am watching a horror movie about something lurking in there with scary music and expecting somebody to jump at you. LOL but with our basement I will make sure it is NOT creepy at all! I am just allowing my imagination to run away from me. :) All the basements I have visited here in Ohio when I was house hunting not thinking of building a brand new home the basements were all nice and usually is a recreation room for people to come and hang out play pool, darts, or even have a disco dance floor. Now with the possibility of building a brand new home I thought why not go all the way and get even more extra space so getting a basement was like a no brainer for us. There was no way where we could fix up the basement ourselves so we went ahead and got a finished basement with a full bathroom down there so when people come to visit they can have the whole floor to themselves if they wished. There is a shower and a bathroom in there so they do not have to trek upstairs to the 2nd floor to shower.

What is even more cooler is that the basement has a unfinished storage area where I can easily store my luggage and my Christmas decorations. It drives my hubby nuts when he goes into the closet to retrieve something and my Christmas decorations are in the way. He would complain about it and beg me to throw it all away. I am like NO WAY the decorations stay since I like to decorate around the holidays. Now with the extra storage space I can even buy more xmas decorations and add it to my collection. With that in mind it would probably drive my hubby nuts but I have PLENTY of space. :)

I am pretty excited about having a finished basement in my house and more space for my little girl to play in especially around the winter months with snow and ice coming during the winter. Only 17 more days. :)


  1. The basement sounds wonderful!!! Our only basement. But we're still thrilled! I love that you put a full bath down there too! you seem to have thought of everything! =)

  2. A little over 2 weeks left yay!!! I don't know about you but I need the count down clock to speed up

  3. Tell your husband I feel his pain. My wife loves to decorate for all the holidays, but especially Christmas. The only problem is that by the time Christmas rolls around all the decorations from all the other holidays/seasons are stacked in front of the Christmas decorations and I have to play the shuffle game and then when it is time to put it all away I have to play the shuffle game again. I can't wait till we are in the new house and everything will have it's own special place in the storage area in the basement.