Thursday, June 9, 2011

Post # 14 - Square footage of house

I definitely had to include this in my count-down. I am beyond excited about how much square foot our new place will be. Our model is 2224 sq ft. and if you add the morning room it goes up to 2384 including the basement it changes to 3019 sq. feet That is huge!!!!!! I remember when I first got married we lived in a 500 sq. ft. one bedroom apartment. After living there for like 4 years we moved to a slightly bigger one from 500 to 650 square ft. After putting myself and my husband through school we finally moved into a two bedroom apt to 800 sq. ft. I remember I was sooo excited to finally get a 2 bedroom after so many years. Then to Ohio again we moved into another apt 2 bedroom place to a 900 sq. ft. Our new place will be the biggest one yet and we plan to live in our new home for years and years. It took a lot of hard work to get to where we are today and to be able to purchase a home of our own especially the one of our dreams. Our new place we will have so much room and space. We will have plenty of room to throw our daughter a birthday party instead of having to celebrate it elsewhere to accommodate a large group of people. We can also have Thanksgiving at our house and not have to worry about not having enough chairs or wondering if we all have to sit on the floor somewhere to eat. Believe me that has happened in our tiny apartment and one of us either me or my husband had to sit on the floor eating our dinner. Ahhh the good old days and now the extra space we do not have to worry about that.

I am just over the top filled with happiness knowing that we will have plenty of space to have our loved ones over and not have to constantly apologize for having our place be too small. I am really blessed to be able to have a beautiful home to our liking.



  1. YAY!! Let's hear it for Sq. Ft!!!! More space is going to be soooo nice!! Great pick for the countdown!

  2. This will definitely be on our countdown too. While everyone tells us we are crazy to not be downsizing, we are thrilled to have the square footage and are looking forward to having everyone come at Christmas and not feel like we are jammed in and the best is we will have plenty of room for a hopefully growing family...someday when our daughters are married and having families of their own.

  3. I am SO happy to hear you so happy!! And, of course, I am totally thrilled that you will have plenty of room for your mother-in-law to visit OFTEN!! (evil laugh ...) Can't wait to see you next month

  4. Yes, great pick! It is good to have space to grow into!