Sunday, June 5, 2011

Post # 18 - and a new purchase (Stainless Steel)

Yesterday, we went to 5 different stores looking at refrigerators. First we drove out to IKEA to just look at furniture ideas and just browse around looking at various decoration ideas that would look good in each room of the house. They happened to have a few refrigerators there and we both knew eventually we would need to purchase one. After being there for an hour that store is huge! Then we stopped by at Best Buy, then over to Lowes, hhGregs, Sears then after all that work we realized before getting one we should make sure the refrigerator will fit. We ran home grabbed the tape measurement then snuck in the back door of the house. Much to our relief it measured at 37.5" wide so then any ref. we buy would fit in. We went back to Best Buy and they said they would hold our purchase to the end of the month even though we will not get our new house at least for 2 and half weeks. We get our keys on the 24th but told them to deliver it on the next day the 25th. So we bought our first house purchase a Samsung 26 cubit feet French door stainless steel.

The next thing on our countdown would be - Stainless Steel Appliances. With the stainless steel it will look so nice in my new kitchen. Again, we always had apartment appliances and they are not brand new just used. Having a brand new appliances in the kitchen to me is like opening Christmas presents on Christmas morning. Our kitchen appliances have always been white but now we are a step up and having stainless steel which is definitely new to us and adds finesse to the kitchen.

Our first Refrigerator!
While we were there at our new house last night I was able to see our new carpet, and our granite countertops! Let me tell you I love it!!!!!!

Seeing our carpet for first time

Our Granite Counter-tops (Breakfast bar)

They have the right dishwasher in :)

Bad pix of me but I look so guilty sneaking in!

Hubby did not like the way the two doors are in close proximity of each other

The last picture is in one of the bedrooms upstairs. This is the second largest bedroom next to our master bedroom but this room will be in my daughters room. Anyhow my husband did not like the way the two doors are too close together. He requested the PM to move the door to the other side that way it does not hit each other. At first my PM was resisted against it saying it was according to plan. My hubby continued to say he wanted it changed and that he wanted the door on the other side and would pay to have it moved. My PM went ahead and moved it on the other side but the door is now a different color. It is not the same door but says it will be painted to match the other doors. So hopefully that will be fixed soon but are grateful that our PM was willing to get that done. 

Our next house purchase would be a new dining room table. Hopefully we can find a good deal. Who knew house shopping would be fun and my hubby HATES, HATES to shop. Haha.


  1. LOVE all the pics!!! And the refrigerator! SOOOOOOOOO jealous!!! My hubby wants to talk his dad into helping us get a new fridge we'll see.

    Are you going to seal your granite?

  2. I think we have the same refrigerator! Does it have a water dispenser inside? Anyway, I love the french door refrigerator with bottom can fit so much in it! Congrats on your first new appliance!

  3. Would like your opinion of hhgregg...we went in to take a look at refrigerators and dish washers and I felt like I was under seige from the sales less then 4 hit us in the first 5 minutes and we were in the refrigerator section the whole time. I hate stores like that...when I want your help I will ask for it.

  4. BD: We have an HHGREGG here. It's where we got our washer and dryer from. The sales people can be a bit aggressive, BUT you can negotiate price there, just like on a house or a car. You can get good deals this way.

  5. @ Noey as for sealing our granite we will have to speak with our PM on this issue. I know some granite do not need sealing. I do know you can test out your granite if it needs sealing but putting a bit of oil and lemon juice on it to see if it needs sealing so I just may do that.

    @ Natalie, yep it is the same one! I just looked at your blog to look in your kitchen. Yes, it does have a water dispenser on the side inside. How do you like your ref? I would love to have your opinion.

    @ BD I have been to hhGregs before and right when we walked in they came to us at the front door asking if we need assistance. However, when we were shopping last night none of them came to us for help. We had to walk up to ask for assistance which was odd. If you tell them you are just looking around they would usually leave you alone. I despite salespeople who follow you around. It makes me uncomfortable and want to leave ha.

  6. @Noey...My wife is an expert shopper and can get a good deal anywhere. After going to Hhgregg we went into the Lowe's the next day and she got the Best Buy(lowest advertised price) and then got another 10% on the refrigerator, then turned around and got the Hhgregg price($50 lower then Lowe's sale price) and then got another 10% off of that...all without any sales person up our butt. Like Stephanie said, when you tell them that you are just looking they should go away and you shouldn't have to tell 3 more people the same exact thing in the same area of the store. I will use their prices to get better deals elsewhere, but will most likely not be going back in wonder the store was practically empty.

  7. I did read online since ubba tubba is black, stains don't show up as much, so some people do not seal it. But Ryan's policy is that they will not seal it. You have to do it if you want it done. (or so I have been informed by my PM)

    BD...I want to borrow your wife when we go refrigerator shopping! lol

  8. I absolutely love our refrigerator! I love having the bottom freezer so much more than a side by side. My husband originally was unsure if he wanted the bottom freezer but we found ours for a great deal at lowes and now we are both so glad we got it. You'll be amazed at how much fits in it!