Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Post # 15 - Laundry Location

The next thing on the list would be having a laundry room on the second floor! All the bedrooms are up there and all of our clothes will be on that floor which makes doing the laundry a much easier chore than trekking down to the first floor realizing I forgot a load of dirty clothes in the hamper in my hallway closet. I never personally enjoyed doing the laundry but somebody has to do them and that somebody is me :) I figured my husband can focus on taking out the trash and keeping the lawn neat while I make sure his work clothes are clean. I even like it more when our laundry room is so big and spacious. Our laundry room in the apartment is tiny and there is not much storage space on the shelves when you reach the laundry soap and or bleach but with the big storage space in our new house there are plenty of more space.

At a side note we stopped by the house last night to check on the progress. Pics below

Where they added the outlet on stair landing as it turns

Where they cut the hole on back wall of the Living Room 
In the living room wall they cut a big hole in the wall a rectangular shape where I can see the wires behind it. On that side of the Living room wall behind it is the stairs leading up to the second floor. They now installed a outlet on the landing area where it is supposed to be. I wanted an outlet there in the staircase landing area for decorations around the holiday maybe put up a little Christmas tree there plus its a good spot for vacuuming the stairs. The stairs go up then they turn so there is a little spot where it is perfect to vacuum. I got that idea from my sister in law since she had no outlet on the stair landing area and she uses an extension cord to vacuum the stairs. I expected them to take out the basement landing stairs going down but the outlet is still there. I assumed that they will leave it there but thats good since the basement stairs have a little landing area too as it turns. A free outlet I will take it. Now I just hope the big rectangular shape that they cut in my living room will not be noticeable. I hope they can smooth out the cracks. The extra outlet on the gourmet island is now also fixed. Before they only had one but now there are two just like the way I wanted it.

Only 2 more weeks..... :)


  1. I bet when they are done you will never even notice where they cut the wall out. (and if you do, just make them fix it until it is right!) We were debating between the Florence and the Venice, and the laundry room upstairs was the one thing I wish the Florence has but it doesn't. I suppose only having to go to the first level isn't as bad as to the basement, but it sure would be nice. :)

  2. Yay!! It's fixed!! And Becky is right. They'll make it so you can't even tell what they did!

    I'm excited for the laundry on the 2nd floor too!

  3. Agree with won't even know they cut the hole. As for the laundry, my wife prefers it being on the first floor...yes you have to truck the clothes down and back up, but you can run around doing other things while the clothes are washing and drying AND you don't have to run up and down the stairs twice for each load of clothes.