Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More pics updated

Ok, here are the rest of the photos. I try to do them in order.

That is the hutch we bought for our pre-wire. It stores our movies and our gaming system

Had to show off our new ref. of course it shows all of our family pics on the magnets.

Our powder room on first floor

We installed a cabinet above the toilet to store our stuff

Our Living room by the front door - Our ceiling fan

Its an empty room - I plan to work on this room last

Our basement as you go down the stairs - Pics on the shelves

Our little nook in the basement can turn into a bedroom

Our future recreation room in the basement (A project to do much later)

Our basement bathroom

Unfinished storage part (see water softener next to water heater) and dehumidifier next to sump pump

My father in law built us a little shelf to store our stuff and built a workbench its awesome! Love it

Neat looking tools.

Our guest bedroom

 I plan to add curtains on a later date

Our daughters bathroom

Abby's room

I put up thermal curtains to block out the light - Blinds come in 2 weeks

Our laundry room - Nothing fancy

Empty bedroom - future baby number 2 who knows when.... :)

Our walk in closet - I plan to put a white scarf over the window to add some class

Our bedroom - Blue curtains - I know, I know I need to buy matching bedroom sheet/comforter on a future date. It is being worked on. I fell in love with the curtains.

Love our ceiling fans

Our bathroom - yay two sinks. Our big tub has not been used yet but soon!!!!!

Our Father in law at work again! He fixed this up for us and put up lawn stuff to hang on the wall. We love him!

We got a hose thing to wrap up so its easier to store our hose and just wind it up.

Our home - it is our pride and joy!

Our blinds should arrive sometime in 2 weeks. There is a lot to do but it is fun to make a list. So far got new ref. bar stools, 6 piece dining table, hutch, guest bed room, ceiling fans, and curtains. Moving from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom home. It takes time to fill up space. Sometime down the road we plan to get a sectional couch, a bigger TV over the fireplace hubby wants a 65 inch
(I think its too big), paint, fill up our basement but hey its no fun getting them all done at same time. Which is why I have projects to do! My next thing project would be to paint the family room, kitchen and morning room. I have been shopping around for paint colors and so far I have been looking into a dark red color. My sisters are flying to help me paint in august so it is right around the corner. I love my house. I will post more pics. later once I have the place more painted.


  1. I think we picked the same fan for our den (only brushed nickel). =)

    We have a cabinet for our powder room too! =)

    And I loved the pic of your fridge!! I heard magnets (back when when stainless steel was new) didn't like to stick to stainless fridges. You have renewed my hope! lol

    Everything looks sooo good! (I'm jealous of your faucets!! But I know our basic, ugly, boring ones were the best choice for my young kids. They'd NEVER figure out how to shut off the faucets all the way and I'll have some kind of drip otherwise. lol)

    I love it all!! It looks great!

  2. Wow, you've done so much in just a few weeks! The only ceiling fan we have up is one for our little boy's room. The one in your family room is the same one we picked for our master bedroom and morning room but those are still in boxes!

    We also have a room reserved for baby 2 but no plans I can relate to that! Of course it isn't exactly empty because I stuffed all the baby stuff that he has outgrown into the closet. It's amazing how much stuff someone who is only 16 months has and how much of it is already passed its usefulness for him.

    Congrats on getting moved in - it seems like everything went pretty smooth for you so that's always a good thing :-)

  3. Steph, the house is looking great! Thanks so much for keeping us posted on your progress.

    PS - 65 inches IS too big! 42 Max for above that fireplace. :)

  4. Looks great!!! You got lots done already :) we close Friday at 9:00!!!!

  5. What? No pix of your GORGEOUS morning room?! Thanks so very much for your hospitality -- miss you so! <3 <3

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  7. Hi, Steph! I'm loving these photos you shared with us. Your new home looks so lovely, but I know it's much lovelier now after two years. I'm excited to see what you did with the spare rooms and those bare spaces. You see, I love decorating our house too. It's my stress reliever especially when things go just how I imagined them to be. I share your excitement with all your projects. Job well done here! Alejandra Hutchcraft

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