Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More pics updated

Ok, here are the rest of the photos. I try to do them in order.

That is the hutch we bought for our pre-wire. It stores our movies and our gaming system

Had to show off our new ref. of course it shows all of our family pics on the magnets.

Our powder room on first floor

We installed a cabinet above the toilet to store our stuff

Our Living room by the front door - Our ceiling fan

Its an empty room - I plan to work on this room last

Our basement as you go down the stairs - Pics on the shelves

Our little nook in the basement can turn into a bedroom

Our future recreation room in the basement (A project to do much later)

Our basement bathroom

Unfinished storage part (see water softener next to water heater) and dehumidifier next to sump pump

My father in law built us a little shelf to store our stuff and built a workbench its awesome! Love it

Neat looking tools.

Our guest bedroom

 I plan to add curtains on a later date

Our daughters bathroom

Abby's room

I put up thermal curtains to block out the light - Blinds come in 2 weeks

Our laundry room - Nothing fancy

Empty bedroom - future baby number 2 who knows when.... :)

Our walk in closet - I plan to put a white scarf over the window to add some class

Our bedroom - Blue curtains - I know, I know I need to buy matching bedroom sheet/comforter on a future date. It is being worked on. I fell in love with the curtains.

Love our ceiling fans

Our bathroom - yay two sinks. Our big tub has not been used yet but soon!!!!!

Our Father in law at work again! He fixed this up for us and put up lawn stuff to hang on the wall. We love him!

We got a hose thing to wrap up so its easier to store our hose and just wind it up.

Our home - it is our pride and joy!

Our blinds should arrive sometime in 2 weeks. There is a lot to do but it is fun to make a list. So far got new ref. bar stools, 6 piece dining table, hutch, guest bed room, ceiling fans, and curtains. Moving from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom home. It takes time to fill up space. Sometime down the road we plan to get a sectional couch, a bigger TV over the fireplace hubby wants a 65 inch
(I think its too big), paint, fill up our basement but hey its no fun getting them all done at same time. Which is why I have projects to do! My next thing project would be to paint the family room, kitchen and morning room. I have been shopping around for paint colors and so far I have been looking into a dark red color. My sisters are flying to help me paint in august so it is right around the corner. I love my house. I will post more pics. later once I have the place more painted.

It has been FOREVER!

Man, it has been sooo long since I blogged. Ever since we moved into our new home it took us 3 weeks, I repeat 3 weeks for AT&T to come and install our much needed service. We got our keys for our new home on June 24th at 5pm in the evening but we did not officially move in till Sunday the 26th. We scheduled cable person to come out like the 28th or something like that but apparently they said when they build the house they were supposed to put a box outside of our house so they cannot provide us service till a separate branch comes to put the box outside of our house. So we had to reschedule and the next available date won't be till July 12th which was yesterday. Last night as of 8pm we had internet. So today the first thing I did was blog!!!!!! I cannot believe how attached I am to the outside world with my little computer.

First of all I just wanted to say I love, love, love my house and I cannot believe how big it is. This is the biggest house I ever lived in and I absolutely love it. Our blinds have not arrived yet. They are supposed to come and be installed by lowes on the 23rd of July. Again, I feel it is taking way too long but I will be happy once it is installed. For now we have put curtains in our upstairs bedrooms only in my daughters and in our rooms for now and will slowly add the other rooms as I go. We also put scarves and drapes in our morning room and family room windows as I have already decided on a paint color for that room. The pictures I took from my phone is taking way too long to download to my email. This will be my part one post of pics as the other pics are done downloading then will be part 2 of my blog. Gives me more reason to come back and blog some more. Have I said I am sooo happy we now have internet? 3 weeks of waiting man I am glad to be back to civilization! :) Enjoy the pics.

We added rope lights for the top of our kitchen cabinets (Taken at night)

Our kitchen during the day

Our family room

Abby watching TV - (window red scarves on side with red and gold on top)

Ok - I could not resist - Look at that face :)

Our Morning room windows - I love Butterflies! (New dining room set has 6 chairs)

At another view

We got 2 bar stools for our breakfast bar

Our curtains for our sliding door

Can you tell I am impatient to blog? I am still waiting for the rest of the pics to download from my phone.

We have installed all of our ceiling fans and boy that took some work it was not easy. We have 6 fans two downstairs one in the morning room and one in the living room. The other 4 are all in the bedrooms upstairs. We also added a cabinet installed in our powder room bathroom on the first floor since there were no cabinets. All we got was one towel rack and the my first thought was where can I store extra toilet papers and other feminine accessories so we went to lowes and bought one. It was pretty easy to install and only took ten to 15 minutes to do it then it was ready. I think it looks great. Until the rest of the pics come in then the rest of the blog will be updated.

This time for sure I will be back!!!!! In like an hour LOL....

Friday, June 24, 2011

Post # 1 - Everything is Brand New

I am getting my keys today at 5pm WHOO HOO! Hopefully everything will go smoothly. We stopped by the house and our PM was on top of things and got everything all touched up in one day. I was pretty impressed and what made things even sweeter is that our sod is in. It looks great and I do agree with Min that the sod was what was the finishing bow on top of the present. It looks beautiful and I could not ask for anything more. Believe it or not we have not packed! Crazy I know but hey no worries. I will start packing today. By the end of the night we will try to move a few boxes just a few. Tomorrow my ref. is supposed to be delivered in the morning by Best Buy. Later that afternoon we are supposed to do to my hubby's work party. It is held once a year and it happens to be tomorrow all day from noon to 6pm. Sunday is the day we will move all the heavy stuff such as furniture. I cannot wait till we are moved in. At least we can slowly move our stuff in since our apartment is paid till the end of the month. Here are some pictures ok maybe a little too much snapshots. I got excited! The photos are out of order so for that I apologize but you get the idea. I love that everything is brand new! No used stuff! Everything from the carpet, to vinyl floor, to trimming, freshly painted walls, fireplace with marble, new windows, deck, gourmet island, granite counter-tops, appliances, well enough said. I mean EVERYTHING is brand new and that is the most exciting part. Its a new chapter of our lives and we are starting into it. Its just a indescribable feeling.

House with sod

Peek a boo - I see you!

View into the family room (eyeball light fireplace)

Looking into the kitchen

Sitting on the breakfast bar having fun (Morning Room)

I love our counter-tops and the granite and ohh yah our baby :)

1st floor Powder Room

Our stairs (Love the lights)

Abby running in her new Room

Bedroom number 2

Playing in one of the bedroom closets

2nd floor bathroom

View into the Master bedroom from the closet

Master bathroom - 2 sinks

My tub not hubbys (I don't share)

4th bedroom

Basement stairs

Basement Bathroom (Great place to hang out)

Our Basement area

Basement Nook - Could be transformed into a bedroom

Lots of Basement storage (I plan to buy some shelves)

I tried to take a picture of my little girl in each room but it was kind of tough. Can you tell that we are a tad over excited? Ok, not a tad how about a lot! I cannot wait till 5pm to get our keys. I wish it was earlier in the day but what can you do. I just love love love our brand new house. Now, all that is left is us and our pile of stuff. Look out house here we come!